June 6, 2023


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Debate, Østre Toten | What employees and the public need to hear

Leadership can be summarized as being responsible for achieving results through others. You can be a leader by title, but the role does not guarantee that what you do works as leadership. At least not good management. It takes place in a strange interpersonal space, where workers realize that there is leadership. This space must contain, among other things, the elements of communication, trust and legitimacy of operations and decisions. If not, that would be difficult.

Rinat Nord describes the concrete effects of a management problem in health, care and social services in Auster-Totten when she was working there. As an experienced middle manager at the municipality level, Nord was one of those who were to be part of the municipal administration’s team leaders. Middle managers who will lead hundreds of employees at their levels to provide the best services to the citizens.

Nord talks about a general managerial level culture that did not create trust, good communication, or legitimacy. On the contrary, it has experienced a meeting culture that created uncertainty and distrust, the omission of information chains, and an economic focus that overshadowed everything else. She, who had to lead others to do good care, became physically ill from the driving that she herself experienced. And when she gave notice of what she considered culture in an organization, she felt that management instead treated notice as an individual personal matter. In other words, there is a problem between her and herself as an employee and her boss.

Toten i Dag/OA has received many inquiries from employees who support Nordh’s offer, who do not dare to appear publicly by name. Not to be confused with the culture of fear that employees of Westertoten municipality have described through the home care issue.

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What employees and the public need to hear in such cases is that upper management takes it very seriously that employees in their system have this expertise. This is the connection that may help rebuild trust.

Then the next step is to demonstrate in practice how seriously you take it as a joint management.