Debate, Politics | The destruction of the mining industry of a harmonious mountain village

Debate, Politics |  The destruction of the mining industry of a harmonious mountain village

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pressure and Blue Lake Minerals’ intimidation towards this week’s town council meeting is intensifying. It’s quite to be expected, when you see the strategy used in the process all the time. Cynical mechanics have been activated as permanent wounds have already been inflicted in a peaceful mountain village. Attempts have been made to reduce reindeer husbandry to a minimum and this is the only reason why development pressures in the larger community have not been able to take root in Rorvik.

It’s Blue Lake Minerals Underestimating the unity of the village, where a basic ecological understanding combined with a true love of nature provides a harmonious peace and space for the largest primary industry in the municipality.

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Now it’s serious!

in despair Blue Lake Minerals now fails to recognize the importance of cumulative effects! He asserts that the future consequences are not great at all, as long as you put the shovel in the ground now.

Cultural industry vs bakery? nature vs. Shop? Reindeer herders vs. Big capital? Long-term management of nature vs. long-term natural management Short-term gain? moderation vs. consumption increase? South Sami Administrative District, opposite. royal?

Yes it is It is up to politicians to make a responsible, long-term decision for those who come after us.

previous mining operations With the economic improvement showing this was a short term pleasure.

When you are He points out that mining is the ‘only’ solution to community development in Rorvik, and there is no indication that creative entrepreneurship and the joy of creation are more present now than at the earlier mining end.

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This is for Peeing in pants to keep warm should be a common occurrence, and gives some real perspective as to liability beyond one’s own minimum.

This is it Very poor marketing and branding for the special mountain village.

Borgefjell’s development A municipality with state restructuring money should have long ago begun forward-looking, real work on what the future would look like without mining, and not abdicate responsibility for mining as the only option. It is not suitable for the Municipality of the Administrative and National Park of Southern Sami.

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