Debate, Politics | There is no place for another date

Debate, Politics |  There is no place for another date

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The Norwegian summer is short. In a few weeks, it’s important to get in, live, and enjoy as much as possible the way you can only enjoy summer.

live and love Try love, show your love. With whoever you want, when you want. A basic human right in democracy. At least it should be.

But now we have two dark histories which we shall have to work out every year from now on during a short summer month.

Before, we had July 22nd. It is still an open wound that hurts many people.

Last summer we got another date. June 25th.

On Wednesday, the Minister of Justice arrived in Parliament To be clear, in the wake of the overwhelming verdict against PST a few days ago. She did not come there with an apology on behalf of the government, but previously stood behind the apology of the head of the PST.

The feeling of déjà vu is painfully present in this. Because we’ve had this before, and then everyone talks about how it won’t happen again. It must not be the case that the Norwegian authorities should once again find themselves in a situation where they are unable to protect their citizens.

But then we ended up there anyway. Lives have been wasted in the most foolish of ways. And again we continue to make committees, reports and commissions. July 22nd Commission. Pick June 25th.

The report stops from PST assessments and their ability to protect when they were relevant last summer.

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How acceptable is one’s Mehl’s List? From various measures, much depends. The opposition was of course quick to criticize her, perhaps in particular FrP’s Per Willi Amundsen. Who, after all, sat in the office of the Minister of Justice so many years ago, it is so close that you hear the gentle splashing of single glasses on the floor.

The most important thing for the majority of people is that it really is TAS, and that this will not be just a desert walk through oversight committees and the Norwegian Parliament, and a lot of words.

Tens of thousands of people are very scared these days as a result of what happened last year.

And it’s not just homosexuals who have reasons to fear and dissatisfaction with this situation. We all have that.

In Norway we now have two sad histories which will be determined in the foreseeable future. In either case, it is about attacks in the public space against people who use what should and should be a basic right of society.

Twice we were so bad. This is more than enough.

There is no place for another date.

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