December 1, 2022


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Declared “persona non grata”: – Puberty

Declared “persona non grata”: – Puberty

It was during a student parliament meeting on Thursday evening that Research and Higher Education Minister Ola Borten Moe was declared ineligible by students at the University of Oslo.

This decision applies to both parts of the university in addition to the student’s own home in Blindern in Oslo, although the wording is somewhat weaker when it comes to the part of the university (see the decision in the fact box).

The student democracy at UiO has declared that they do not want to see the fraud of their own cabinet.

– Ola Borten Moe is not a minister for students or university and college departments. He has great potential for improvement in his work to ensure that those under his jurisdiction are better off, said student parliament president Olain Seter (27). University Who first mentioned the subject.

Responding to Adolescent Vocabulary

Ola Borten Moe himself tells Dagbladet that “nothing is solved if you don’t talk together”.

– to react to that No Talking to each other — canceling — is an adolescent reaction, Borden Moe says.

– In Norway, we have a long tradition of doing the opposite. We meet, dialogue and exchange ideas to move the world forward. I am certainly interested in that, continues the Minister.

If the goal is to create a conversation with students, then Porton Moe’s use of the word “pubertal” may seem to have already created a kink in the thread.

– We strongly react to Borden Mo’s replying words. Using the word “puberty” describes the backdrop for inferiority complex and criticism. This undermines the difficult situation the students are in, student leader Oline Sæther tells Dagbladet.

Reactions: Oline Sæther, president of the student parliament, asks Ola Borten Moe to meet them with respect – not vulgar words. Photo: Ada Lassen-Urdall
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Ola Borten Moe tells Dagbladet that he is fully aware that high prices hit students and other low-income groups hard. The Minister pointed out that the rise in prices has hit the poor hard.

– I recognize this and am well aware of the challenges. Among other things, we are trying to reverse this by adjusting grants and loans later in the year so that price increases are captured, Borden Moe says.

We allow you to respond to Sadr:

– It is better for him to recognize that the situation is difficult. But we expect not only understanding, but to be met with a willingness to dialogue, and for that dialogue to be built on mutual respect. When he responds with words like puberty, we feel it is disrespectful. We expect him to take criticism seriously and see it as clear feedback, says Olain Sether.

calls himself

Ola Borten Moe now wants to meet students. But, according to the students, it is currently unclear how that is possible when he is an impersonal figure on the university grounds.

– It is important for me to have a good dialogue with students, including at UiO, and I am thinking of inviting myself to the next meeting of the Student Parliament on this matter. Then they can manipulate it however they want, Borden Moe tells Talkblade.

Students will now look around to see what they think about accepting a non-persona grata.

– We think it’s good that he wants to see us. Sether says I will inquire in the Parliament about what they think about the visit and give feedback to the Minister before the next Parliament meeting.