Deichman, Deichman bjørvika | Deichman Holmlia opens a room in memory of Benjamin Hermansen: – It is important that we never forget him

Deichman, Deichman bjørvika |  Deichman Holmlia opens a room in memory of Benjamin Hermansen: - It is important that we never forget him

20 years after the racist murder of Benjamin Hermansen, Benjamin’s room opens in Deichman Holmlia.

“We created this room because we want to honor Benjamin Hermansen,” Nasrin Maktabi-Berkoki, Head of Deschmann Holmlia, says in a press release.

On January 26, 2001, 15-year-old Benjamin Hermansen was brutally stabbed to death in Osbrauten in Hulmelia in a racially motivated murder. Friday at 3 p.m. The Benjamin room at Deichman Holmlia opens.

– This should be the place where people – especially the neighborhood youth – should be able to find peace, enlightenment and reflection, says Nisreen Maktabi Berkoki, Deschmann Holmlia Division Leader.

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Anti-racism, representation and multiculturalism

Local youth participated in the design of the room, providing input on how to renovate and furnish it.

Benjamin’s room will be a communication room for young people in the library. It will be a starting point for conversations and activities related to anti-racism, inclusion, and community engagement, says Berkuki.

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A separate book collection called the “Benjamin Collection” will be found here, which “primarily targets young people and addresses topics such as anti-racism, representation and multiculturalism,” the press release states.

The Benjamin Hermansen Memorial Fund supports the project, and the author behind The Brotherhood – A Story of the Murder of Benjamin Hermansen has announced that it will donate a portion of the sales proceeds to activities in Benjamin’s Room.

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Never forget

At the opening ceremony on Friday, Cultural Counselor Omar Sami Jamal (SV) and representatives from the Benjamin Hermansen Memorial Fund and the Søndre Nordstrand Youth Council will conduct a talk, led by Leader Nasrin Maktabi Berkoki.

– I’m so glad we got a separate room for Benjamin here at Deichman Holmlia. It is important that we never forget him, and it is important that we never forget the racism that led to his death. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen over and over again, even though we promise each other to fight, says cultural consultant Omar Sami Gamal and adds:

– I hope that this hall will be a gathering point for the young people who will fight this battle in the future, and that it will give them the strength to feel that we are many standing with them.

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Strengthens the display

The press release also states that the library display at Holmlia and Mortensrud is to be enhanced in the coming years.

Libraries are very important as an inclusive meeting place where you can find yourself and see that your opportunities are much more than you think, says Jamal.

Oslo’s new deputy mayor Abdullah Al-Sabeeh (PBUH) grew up in Hulmelia. He says he remembers that the library was an “important provider of knowledge about racism and how we can fight it” after Benjamin’s murder.

It is important for the library to promote this work as a place for gathering and communicating knowledge. Fighting racism is also a fight against conspiracy theories and false representations. Then he told AO we must never forget Benjamin.

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