June 10, 2023


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Delete these apps

Malware has infected more than 60 apps in the Android Play Store. Together the apps have over 100 million downloads.

This is what the mobile site says PhoneArena.

Delete these apps

60 applications

The malware that infected the apps is called Goldson, and it was discovered by security researchers at McAfee.

According to security researchers, Goldson can:

  • Collect information about the applications installed on the device
  • Devices connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth or Wifi and GPS locations
  • Run ads in the background without user consent thus making money for scammers.

The apps originally did not contain malware, but they got infected after the developers added a third party component, and those apps contained malware and thus infected the apps.

hiding it

hiding it

Google reported

In a statement to PhoneArena, Google said it takes action when it detects apps that don’t follow its guidelines.

– We have notified developers that their apps violate Google Play Guidelines and that they need to fix them to comply with the Guidelines. A Google spokesperson told the site that users are also protected by Google Play Protect, which can warn users of malicious apps on Android devices.

The mobile site advises anyone who has one or more of these apps installed on their device to uninstall them.