Demand that John Carew be imprisoned for two years – E24

Demand that John Carew be imprisoned for two years - E24

Oslo District Court (E24): The prosecution believes there are no mitigating circumstances in the tax fraud case and is asking the court to sentence John Care to two years in prison.

Prosecutor: Marianne Bender, the first public prosecutor in Okogrim.
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In addition, the prosecution believes Care should be ordered to pay an unconditional fine of NOK 540,000 and court costs.

– Police attorney in Okogrim, Ragna Flakoi Skjakodegard, explained the prosecution’s request for a sentence on Wednesday, saying that Garre had many, many opportunities to correct the information given to the tax authorities.

There were no mitigating circumstances in the case, John Carew and his attorney and agent Per A. The prosecution believes there is no link between Flot.

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This is how Carew built his property empire

– In financial crime cases, in experience, the use of counsel is high. Skjakodegard said the prosecution could not see that there was a mitigating circumstance.

If the court rules that Carew was grossly negligent in tax evasion for the entire period covered by the indictment — to which the former soccer star has pleaded guilty — the prosecution hopes he should be sentenced to “no more than two years” in prison.

Neither John Carew nor his defense attorney Berit Reiss-Anderson would comment on the lawsuit’s claims.

– Willful ignorance

– Marianne Bender, a lawyer at Økokrim, said the law applies to everyone, including eels like Carew, when she opened her proceedings at the Oslo District Court on Wednesday.

In the proceedings, he explained the evidence in the case and why the prosecution believes the court should find John Carew guilty of willful gross tax evasion.

The former football star, real estate investor and actor has been charged with grossly negligent tax evasion and gross willful tax evasion between 2014 and 2019. Carew admits he should have paid the tax, but says he did not provide false information to the tax authorities. For the sake of necessity.

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– If willful ignorance leads to a lack of intent, that’s a form of defense we’ll see more of in the future, Bender said in court proceedings.

In court, Carew, his former agent, lawyer and close friend, Per A. Flatt has pointed to the misadvise of not reporting his overseas income and assets to the tax authorities during the period mentioned in the charge sheet.

– I trusted him blindly. I am sure he is right. He controlled me almost like a puppet. “I realize it was very negligent of me to trust him so much, but that’s why I did it,” Carew said in his statement to the court.

This was strongly opposed in the legal profession. Marianne Bender Carew’s commentary, agent and attorney Per A. Flott pointed out that there was a large gap between what was explained in court and what was explained about the latter’s influence.

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This is how Carew built his property empire

– Modified his description

At the hearing, prosecutor Marianne Bender said the prosecution believed Carew was interested in changing his description to avoid being charged with willful gross tax evasion.

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– He tries to shift the responsibility onto Flod so he gets a lesser sentence from the court. “It’s completely natural, and something we see in many criminal cases,” Bender said in proceedings.

During the period mentioned in the indictment, Per A. He pointed out that Flott’s influence and involvement in Carew’s life was minimal, and that Carew made many financial transactions without Flott’s involvement.

Without Flod’s help, Carew has bought several apartments in Norway and abroad, found a tax adviser in the US and UK, settled a tax dispute in France and signed contracts with betting company ComeOn, Bender pointed out. Acting work in NRK serial Heimbane.

John Carew’s role in the NRK series Heimbane focused on the prosecutor’s practice. Here, the former football star is photographed at a press conference for the launch of the second season of the popular TV series –

In his testimony in court, Flatt said he was disappointed when he first heard Carew was going to be at Heimbane when he read about it in the newspaper.

– Carew negotiated and signed the deal himself in 2016, and had recording days in 2017 without telling Flatt about it. This shows that Flod’s influence was waning, which is quite natural. Carew is a grown man, Bender said in action.

Per A. in the life of John Carew during the period mentioned in the indictment. The prosecution believes Flott has had less and less influence. Here, the photo was taken before Flatt testified at the trial.

– Know about 183 day rule

Bender points to Flod’s explanation and says Carew knows what the so-called 183-day rule means. It states that if Norwegians living abroad stay in Norway for more than 183 days per year, all income/assets are taxed in Norway.

– Flatt explained that he told Gary that he had to stay below this limit. Otherwise, Bender said of the process, it would be much more difficult.

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He also pointed out that Carew stayed in Norway for more than 183 days during the entire period covered by the indictment.

– Why is he giving wrong information?

– Some years he is almost exclusively in Norway. It is only on holidays that he is elsewhere. One might ask: Where did Carew think he was if not in Norway?

Bender also pointed out that there was a large discrepancy between the number of days Carew stayed with the Norwegian tax authorities and what he reported to his tax advisers in the US and UK.

– He has no focus or opinion on the number of days in Norway. Even if he is a country at risk of being taxed, Bender said in action.

The prosecution believes Carew deliberately provided false information to the tax agency.

– Why is he giving wrong information? That’s because he doesn’t want to show up to the tax agency like he was in Norway, Bender practically said.

– Floods do not know the truth

Attorney Marianne Bender also noted that accountant John Arild Syverson warned Care about the 183-day rule. This should have happened at a meeting on April 3, which was discussed by E24 ahead of the trial.

When Syverson testified in court, he said he instructed Care to record how many days he had stayed in Norway.

– Why didn’t he follow this advice? asked the lawyer.

In an interview with E24, Per A. Flatt said he only knew how long Carew had stayed when Økokrim opened the tax case in Norway. Attorney Marianne Bender also pointed this out in her practice in court.

– Flatt doesn’t know how much care there is in Norway. You can’t trust the advice of someone who doesn’t know the whole truth.

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