Demands unanimously to exclude Russia:-

Demands unanimously to exclude Russia:-

FALUN (Dagbladet): I started with Comment from Dagbladet’s Esten O. Sæther Ahead of the World Cup races in Holmenkollen, Sather spoke to keep Russian cross-country skiers out for the foreseeable future.

“It is unlikely that Russian skaters will return before Putin loses power or radically changes his national policy,” Sather wrote in the commentary, and now more and more people are arguing that this is exactly what should happen.

Don’t want to go back: World Cup runners don’t want Bolshunov and other Russians welcome back to the rink for too long. Photo: Reuters / Kai Pfaffenbach
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at Swedish Aftonbladet Klas-Goran Karlsson, a professor of history and Russia expert, believes Sather is absolutely right that the exclusion of Russian athletes, among others, can continue for a very long time.

– I think this will go on for many years, in fact, says Carlson and continues:

– But it is clear that it depends on the political circumstances. If Putin rules tomorrow, the situation may change, but perhaps one should celebrate for a longer period of time, because I believe that Putin will remain in power for a long time.


This week’s World Cup race in Falun, like previous races in Drammen and Oslo, went without the Russians on the starting line. Usually Russian athletes take part and mark the races at the World Cup, while at the 15-kilometer in Falun, this time five Norwegians were among the top six.

However, athletes have no doubts that it is right to exclude Russian athletes from the World Cup. Many also believe it is right to ban them as long as Putin remains in power.

– It is a difficult question, but I am pained to believe that the situation in Ukraine will not completely disappear until we are in Ruka again in November. Then it will take a lot if the Russians are initially in Finland. But it’s very difficult, and I think no one really knows what will happen, Swede Jens Bormann tells Dagbladet.

Correction with exclusion

Like many of the other athletes Dagbladet spoke to, Bormann agrees that the athletic level suffers from the fact that a large cross-country country like Russia is not participating, but the exclusion is still true.

– If that’s what it takes, you don’t have to worry about it. Then we must do it. I think it’s good that we are watching Russia and that the whole world of sport is doing it. He says I just see this as positive.

– It will be a great loss if we do not get the Russian runners. But they also have a history with a lot of doping bans and stimulants and so on, so there are things hanging like ghosts above the nation. Now it’s a disaster Putin’s doing in Ukraine too, so it’s true that they’re banned, says Kaley Halvarson.

Do you think it is right to exclude them as long as Putin remains in power?

– Yes I think so. at all.


Since the end of the World Cup in Shumen, Russia, legendary crystal balls have been distributed to the joint winners of Falun. Neither Bolshunov nor Nebrazheva were present in Sweden to receive the awards, and when it comes to the individual level, the athletes find it very difficult to be left out.

– I think it’s a very complicated situation when it comes to athletes, because it’s hard to know what each one of them thinks. Of course, I don’t want to compete with people who have the same view of the war as Putin, but I believe that not all practitioners think the same way he does. It’s complicated, French Lucas Shanavat tells Dagbladet.

Charlotte Calla also thinks of athletes, but believes that this is the price they have to pay.

– It just feels right that they’re not here right now. It’s sad for both athletes, but this is about consistency. When you attack a democracy in this way, it is the worst crime imaginable. This is the worst thing that has happened since World War II, there are no alternatives to exclude them. But she says I really hope it ends soon.

sympathy of the Ukrainians

Maiken Kaspersen Falla is pleased that it is not she who will make the decision on how long the Russians will be excluded from the sport.

– In a way, one sees both views of this case, but especially if the Russians at war should be allowed to compete. I also think it’s awful with Ukrainian athletes who can’t participate, and while there isn’t much in cross-country skiing, there are other sports where there is more. Perhaps there is more compassion for them, so the empathy is a lot more there.

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