Democrat Nancy Pelosi on Republican Kevin McCarthy: “He’s an idiot”

The last dispute escalated Completion of the Capitol Storm Group. Now Democratic and Republican leaders are clashing over another issue. This is about the new corona rules in the House of Representatives. Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi Take her to insult her Republican Kevin McCarthy.

“He’s an idiot,” he said of the conservative politician. Journalists asked her to comment on her latest statements on mask regulations at the American Powerhouse. McCarthy had said without any evidence that the mask rules were a democratic policy move. About the dispute Reports, among other things, British Guardian.

“Make no mistake – the threat to wear a mask is not scientifically justified. Instead, it was created by a liberal government that wants to perpetuate the epidemic, ”McCarthy said on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the chief physician at U.S. Capitol changed the guidelines. Since then, masks have been mandatory at meetings of the House of Representatives with a few exceptions. They can be fined if ignored. The Senate, the other chamber of Congress, applies a masked recommendation – but not a duty.

This point was later liked McCarthy according to CNN. He said of Pelosi: “If she’s smart, she can explain to me how the rules of science differ between the Senate and the House of Representatives.”

More and more cases – fewer and fewer vaccines

Despite the threat of punishment, according to the American media, several Republicans without masks appeared at recent meetings. MP

Further United States Is The delta variant of the corona virus is increasing. While the vaccine campaign has stagnated, the number of infections has recently increased significantly. On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control Centers changed the mask specification. Accordingly, it is recommended to wear the mask at home in areas with high infection rate. This recommendation is aimed at individuals who have already been vaccinated.

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