Democrats hope for a candidate other than Biden – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

Democrats hope for a candidate other than Biden – NRK Urix – Foreign News and Documentaries

“If President Biden is the nominee against Donald Trump, I will support him as I have in the past,” says Tammy Wilson. “But I have the courage to question whether he is our best option.”

She is running for a seat in Congress from Ohio.

Tammy Wilson

Running for office: Tammy Wilson is fighting for a spot in Congress for Democrats, and she fears Biden will stand in her way.


– If Democrats want to win, we have to do better. She says the situation is too important to do anything Fox News.

She fears that the Republican Party under Donald Trump is taking the country in an even more extreme direction.

Several warning signs

She's not the only one who's expressed concern over Joe Biden's performance.

In the debate against Trump, Biden made several mistakes. He seemed to stiffen his facial expressions, mix up numbers, and lose track of time in the middle of a sentence.

CNN owns the rights to the debate, and won't be releasing clips after 24 hours. But you can watch clips from the discussion that took place on Dagsrevyen on Friday:

DAGSREVYEN 28.6: Atmosphere of crisis among Democrats after the presidential debate – Many people believe that Joe Biden should resign.

The New York Times wrote in a leading position: The president should withdraw from the campaign for the sake of the country.

On his way to a fundraiser on Saturday, Biden claimed that voters' reaction was different from that of the media.

He commented on the editorial in the New York Times, noting that they also wrote that Trump lied throughout the debate.

Former Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin sat alongside Biden in the Senate for decades.

He is now asking Democratic senators to work toward a new presidential candidate.

– All Democratic senators should write to Biden and ask him to release his delegates and step down so they can choose a new nominee, Harkin wrote in a letter to friends who CNN I was able to reach.

Tom Harkin with Hillary Clinton in 2015.

Critical Message: Tom Harkin with Hillary Clinton in 2015.

Photograph: Joshua Lott/Reuters

According to CNN, Harkin, 84, wrote that there is still time for a change of course and a new Democratic candidate who he believes “will energize the party at all levels and capture the attention of the public — many of whom want an alternative to CNN's Trump card.”

Continued support from Obama

But critical voices are currently few. None of the party leaders asked for Biden's resignation.

Both former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California Governor Gavin Newsom said they support Biden.

Former President Barack Obama was quick to say that anyone can have a bad day.

Bad discussion evenings happen. Trust me, I know this,” Obama wrote in a post on X.

Although some Democratic voices are suggesting that Biden should resign, prominent Democrats are keen to highlight that choosing a path is far more important than winning a televised debate.

“This presidential election is a choice between someone who has fought all his life for ordinary people and someone who cares only about himself. Yesterday doesn’t change that,” Obama wrote.

Vice President Kamala Harris says that Biden himself admitted that he was not at his best during the debate. But she believes there are more important things at stake during this year's presidential election, which she refers to as the most important of all.

Kamala Harris in Las Vegas on Friday.

Standing by the show: Kamala Harris in Las Vegas on Friday.

Photo: Rhonda Churchill/AFP

– First, it has never been more important. Second, the contradiction in this election could not have been greater. And third, we believe in our President Joe Biden, and we believe in what he stands for,” Harris told voters in Nevada.

according to diverse Several major donors are considering withdrawing, but none have come forward publicly.

He refuses to resign

After the awkward session on Thursday, Biden managed to correct some of the impression when he spoke on Friday.

He joked about his performance, adding that “when you fall, you get back up.”

– I don't walk, talk and discuss as before. But I can do what I can: I can tell the truth. I can know right from wrong. I know this job! Biden, who is physically fit, said amid cheers from his supporters who chanted, “Four new years.”

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