May 29, 2023


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Denim shorts command attention

Online retail clothing store Shein has created a special kind of clothing item. Although the garments are advertised as shorts, they look more like panties.

The exotic denim “short” has two buttons, belt loops and a leather patch on the back that reads “Being Human.”

The unusual shorts were mentioned by several international media outlets, including Australian

Referees: – You look ridiculous

Perhaps most surprisingly, it’s described as a “straight leg” with a “skinny fit.”

After a quick search on the site, it turned out that they had many similar models, also in several colors.

thong: American stuntwoman Sam Panda appeared upset after police received complaints about her costume. Video: Sam Panda. Reporter: Christian Weuss/Dagbladet
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Surprisingly, the dress has received nearly five stars based on 40 reviews.

“I bought a pair as a joke for my roommate. I can’t believe people are actually using them,” writes one.

“I bought these for a costume and I love them! Too short, but the buttons are comfortable and the material is good,” writes another.

This T-shirt costs over NOK 10,000

This T-shirt costs over NOK 10,000

“I would buy a size larger if I could. I won’t share the photo, my ass is hanging out,” the third writes.

For the daring who want to own a pair of ultra-short denim shorts, they’re $9.99, which is NOK 105.

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