Denmark: – Complaint about food

Denmark: – Complaint about food

An 82-year-old woman was asked to leave the premises after complaining about the food at a nursing home in Denmark.

The woman’s granddaughter, Marina Nicole Tandakis, posted a photo of the meal served. Danish PT.

The picture shows the plate where the yellow peas and sausage should be.

The 82-year-old woman visits friends twice a week at a nursing home in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Margit (103) cannot be accommodated in a nursing home

– Absolutely awful

Friends have complained about the food several times, so the woman is said to have had enough this time.

The grandmother approached staff to complain about the food, but was kicked out and told to wait in the visitor’s room, Dandakis BT says.

“It’s not here,” the grandson reportedly said the staff told the grandmother.

After that, the 82-year-old allegedly refused to open his mouth when he visited the nursing home.

– My grandmother thinks it’s terrible to see the food they serve to their residents, but she doesn’t dare say anything more to them because she’s afraid the people she meets will be embarrassed, the granddaughter tells a Danish newspaper.

They should get proper food

They should get proper food

– About dignity

Health and Care Administration area manager Jette Boulding expressed regret that the 82-year-old man was treated this way by their staff. He says that of course it shouldn’t be and that the staff will be told.

According to Dandakis, bad eating isn’t a pattern.

She says that the grandmother has been visiting the care home regularly for over a year and has seen them serve similar meals many times.

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She herself says that when she saw the picture of her grandmother taking food, she was completely shocked and almost sick.

– It’s about dignity, adds Danish Tandakis.

Dandakis is a nurse herself and says she knows that food is not necessarily the same everywhere, and that 3,000 Danish kroner a month is enough.

3,000 Danish kroner corresponds to about 4,700 Norwegian kroner.

Reider (91) lives on the edge of an avalanche

Reider (91) lives on the edge of an avalanche

– Taste and comfort

The food in the photo doesn’t look appetising, but Boulding admits to BT that yellow peas are a food “loved by many of our residents”.

Also, he says that food is all about taste and enjoyment, so it’s difficult to meet everyone’s preferences every time.

– But in addition to the taste, we need to work on the presentation, because the food here is even more appetizing, adds Bolding.

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