Dennis Hoeger – Turns to Faith in Achievement

Dennis Hoeger - Turns to Faith in Achievement

It was Dennis Hoeger Historical He was 16 years old when he became the youngest-ever winner of the Italian Formula 4 Championship. Historically, he could get fast again.

– I think he could be good enough to drive Formula 1. What he has done so far indicates that, but he should be in Formula 2 first, Atle Gulbrandsen tells Dagbladet.

He’s been stuck in Formula 1 since 1997 and hopes to see Hauger in the best company.

– It’s a dream to see a Norwegian in Formula 1. We haven’t had anyone there before, and for me it’s a dream to be stuck with the Norwegian from the start. I may not have thought I would experience it, but now I have faith.

open seat

This week, legend Kimi Raikkonen (41) was confirmed to have surrendered after the current season. It offers a vacant seat in the Formula 1 circus.

Dennis Hauger has been absolutely superior in Formula 3 this season, and it is theoretically possible to follow in the footsteps of superstar Max Verstappen (23).

After his final season in Formula 3, Verstappen climbed straight into Formula 1. It is common for him to take a trip to Formula 2 first. However, he took a big step after he finished third in the overall standings and scored 411 points.

Hauger did better than Verstappen in his final season in F3, but Gulbrandsen believes such a leap would not be a reality for the Norwegian.

– I think Bottas will take Kimi’s seat. Now everyone is waiting to see what happens to Mercedes, and I think Russell will get a seat there.

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He also says it is opening its doors to new drivers.

Dennis is not fit for Formula 1 next season. Most likely he will drive Formula 2, and then you will see. If all goes well, he really knocks on the door, he says and continues:

– It is allowed to dream, but most likely it does not happen. You should have enough Super License Points as well as Dennis after this season. In theory, he could have done it, but that with Max Verstappen was something completely unique.

Attlee Gulbrandsen has faith in Norwegian Dennis Hoeger.  Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Attlee Gulbrandsen has faith in Norwegian Dennis Hoeger. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB
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Looks like you’ll have to wait a few years before Dennis Hauger is on the starting line in Formula 1.

The goal is Formula 1, otherwise I wouldn’t be driving Formula 3 this year. This is what I am going to achieve, so I will try to achieve that goal. It’s been going really well this season, so you have to work on it, Hauger told Dagbladet in August.

He leads this season with the Italian Prima Racing team, but is part of the Red Bulls Junior team. Red Bull has one of the best teams in Formula 1.

– Superior

No matter where Hauger ends up next season. Gulbrandsen thinks then he can look back on a great season.

The season was exceptionally good. He made a 25-point lead before the weekend and now has a four-plus-point lead for the pole today, so he has a 29-point lead. Dennis is the favorite to win the tournament.

The 18-year-old’s good performance came as a shock to some.

– It surprised many. Personally, I thought he’d be on top this season and hope he can fight for the championship, but I didn’t think he’d be as superior as sometimes.

Interest in Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3 spread after the entry of the Netflix series “Drive to Survive”.

– It was absolutely savage, and I never imagined this in my wild imagination. It is as if the whole of Norway is looking forward to Formula 1, which of course it is not, but I have never seen such great interest as now.

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