Desperate employer handing out cash prizes for interviews

Desperate employer handing out cash prizes for interviews

With over 2,000 developer positions available on, there isn’t much to choose from for techies in their job search. Norway lacks IT workers, and three out of four employers struggle to find employees.

But the challenge is international, and European companies are resorting aggressively to new temptations.

Just to go to the first interview, you can now earn 500 euros. It’s reports financial times.

Efficiency crisis

When everyone wants a full-fledged developer with three to five years of experience, it’s easy to get frustrated.

– Svein Sørensen, CEO of Witted Norway, said that the shortage of good developers for permanent recruitment is so great that companies are using all means, and worse still is recruiters last fall.

When the market demands developer expertise and developers delete Linkedin profiles and stop answering the phone, recruiters resort to extreme measures.

Perksegode سباق Race

More and more employers are offering complete flexibility to work where you want, or in profitable offices like Castle of Rebellious Technology In Oslo to attract candidates.

Other bulls for creative ads. Netpower, a small IT company in Sundance, kicked off From zero to 44 when they got through all that fuss. They promise to protect and save the valuable resource the developers represent for customer meetings, elevating sale and hype.

Now someone goes further and is tempted with a reward – only to ask for an interview.

Offers a reward for interviews

In Frankfurt, the insurance company Deutsche Familienversicherung offers 500 euros, about 5,000 NOK, to each interviewee. If you apply to the second interview, a bonus of 1,000 euros awaits you.

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€5,000, a good monthly stipend, awaits those who complete a six-month probationary period.

The company is growing and competing with big tech companies for talent.

It is very difficult to find people with IT skills. We compete against giants like Allianz, who can hire people from all over the world. But we don’t want employees in India, we want employees here in Frankfurt, Stefan Knoll, one of the company’s founders, tells the Financial Times.

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