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Lange køar på Trollstigen

From the village of Strawberry Waldal to the steep mountain slopes of Rauma goes District Road 63. The stretch that leads to Trollstigen, It is one of the most famous tourist routes in the country. In 2019, there were more than 1.1 million visitors here.

destroy it above

Now the area is free of mobile coverage. The storm at the end of April destroyed the Telia base station in Trollstigen. base station It is the world’s first sustainable base station It is powered by the sun, wind and hydrogen.

– more than Solar cells were falling off. In addition, lightning strikes triggered Daniel Barhom, CIO of Telia, explains that extensive equipment damage has occurred.

Telia base station in the Reinheimen National Park covers the region of Trollstigheimen, Slettvikane, Meiadalen and Langfjelldalen. There is no mobile coverage here until the base station is fixed.

Photo: Tilia

3000 vehicles per day

Telia is the only operator that has mobile coverage all the way. in Tourist season is full of cars, tour buses and caravans here. In one day, about 3,000 vehicles cross the eleven-kilometer route.

It is not uncommon to meet cyclists and sheep on the road, and several accidents have occurred. In 2016, a bus veered off the road and a person died.

Can’t call naudetatane

In the event of an accident now, people will not be able to call emergency services. The head of the division at Stock Exchange 110 in Moore og Romsdal fears that this could lead to a dangerous situation.

– On such a busy road, there is a danger that something will happen. The more people, the greater the chance, says Kjetil Vikås, who believes it is necessary to restart the base station.


Fylkesveg 63 leads to Trollstigen, one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions.

Photo: Marianne Loveland / NTB scanpix

Waiting for spare parts

According to Barhoum from Telia, she is demanding spare parts for the base station. It must be ordered from abroad. In addition, they have to use a helicopter to reach the base station because the road was damaged. The base station is scheduled to be repaired June 30.

– This is our top priority. we We do everything we can to correct errorsBarhoum says.

Daniel Barhoum, Information Manager, Telia

Daniel Barhom is the Information Manager at Telia.

Photo: Tilia

Don’t feel safe

Mette Hovden has a cabin in the area, and without mobile coverage you don’t feel safe on the road.

– Things are done quickly. That person would have to move several kilometers to get coverage and be notified of the unsafe data, Hovden says.

She requests information from Telia about what is happening.

– On the site and on the coverage map, everything appears to be in perfect condition. Those who work in customer service say there is nothing wrong. Why is the information not available?

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this is causing to people. I’ll take care of the site. If anyone has more questions about it, they can contact customer service, he says Barhum who wants cleaning.

Mitt Hovden

Mobile phone coverage cannot be obtained from the Mette Hovden cabin.

Photo: private

lacks strength

Telenor, which lost out on the competition to expand mobile networks in the region, Interested in providing coverage for future customers.

– Some of what prevents us is the lack of electricity. The base station is not producing enough power for two operators, says Telenor coverage manager, Bjørn Amundsen.

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