Dhaka, Nordry Land | Matt Tom Runningsven: – Very sad. It will take time to understand

Dhaka, Nordry Land |  Matt Tom Runningsven: - Very sad.  It will take time to understand

Tom Rønningsveen has been a well-known figure in the music industry throughout his life as a professional musician.

He was educated at the music department of Tranberg High School, and then was a student at Tonheim Volkhujschule.

Over the years, he has collaborated with a number of famous artists.

Large network in the music industry

He worked as an organist at Borg Bispedømme, and also participated in many well-known theater productions.

Among the most recent projects that Rønningsveen has worked on were the Jeppe musical on Chat Noir, and the performance “The Show Must Go On” with Åge Steen Nilsen.

Rønningsveen was 54 and is survived by his fiancée Åse-Line Carlsen and his children and grandchildren.

– I’ve known Tom all my life, since he was a budding musician in his childhood until today. It has become a well-known name on the production side for artists throughout the Norwegian music scene. He’s had an incredible network of artists he’s played with over the years. He was always a cheerful, fun guy, and just a positive guy. We will all miss him, says musician and sound producer Nils Harald Malum from Dhaka.

Condolences and words of remembrance from the artist’s friends

Several of Rønningsveen’s fellow musicians remember their dear friend in their condolences on social media on Saturday afternoon.

“So sad. It will take time to understand. My deepest condolences to Åse-Line. The rest have shown us pure love.” Han Krug writes.

“Consistent, warm, insanely playful, gentle, warm, assertive, skilled, and a good friend for many years,” Mereth Tran writes of her good friend and colleague.

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“It has been my great pleasure to have Tom host you with me on so many tours over 25 years. You have been the most positively cheerful musician I have met. He is a really nice guy, humorous, down to earth and not least a super talented Dokka, always professional up to his fingertips.” Anita Hegerland writes.

“I’m thinking of immediate family and other friends. I already knew him in the late ’90s. I feel completely empty and numb. I hug you on the road where you’re going now, hoping to continue our collaboration when we meet again,” wrote Stephen Ackles.

Knut Eric Ostgaard wrote: “Warm thoughts to the family, so sad to hear of Tom’s death.”

Little brother Sandy Larsen wrote: ‘So sad to hear that’

“Incredibly sad, too early,” wrote colleague Lars Andru.

Trond Amli from Trøste og Bære writes: “Always hilarious and fun. Always in complete control of the music. Incredibly sad and meaningless. Rest in peace, my old friend.”

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