Diana’s Dream – VG

Diana's Dream - VG
Birds in a Cage: Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in “Spencer”

The People’s Princess abdicated.



Germany / Great Britain / Chile. 12 years. Director: Pablo Larrain

Med: Kristen Stewart, Sally Hawkins, Sean Harris, Timothy Spall, Jack Farthing

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One begins to feel a common thread in the production of Chilean director Pablo Larin. Beautiful and famous woman. Sad and tragic fates.

In 2016, it was about Jackie Onassis in «Jackie». This time we have a “tale” (read: fiction) about Diana Spencer (Kristen Stewart) to do. Held during Princess Diana’s last birthday celebration as Her Royal Highness Sandringham House I am 1991.

Diana is already upset when she arrives at the huge property. She learns that her husband, Prince Charles (Jack Farthing) is unfaithful to Camilla Parker-Bowles. She suffers from obsessions and bulimia.

TOP MOOD, FUNNY GANG: The British Royal House Anno Christmas 1991 in “Spencer”. Kristen Stewart as Diana is second from left.

Major Gregory (Timothy Spall), the cult leader at the Queen Mother’s court, insists Weight Princess upon arrival. A fun tradition introduced by Prince Albert in 1847. It is recommended that guests wear at least 1.4 kilograms during the holidays. It probably isn’t fun for someone with an eating disorder.

Diana realizes she is on her way out of the royal family. But so far she’s wandering through a thick haze of absurd lore. She tells the children: “The past and the present are one.” William (Jack Nellen) and Harry (Freddy Spry). Major Gregory embodies the yoke in which you live.

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The depressed princess’s small attempts to rebel fell to the ground before anyone noticed, covered in a well-equipped royal mechanism. But Diana finds some inspiration in a story Anne Bolin. A book about the queen, executed in 1536, is laid out on her bedside table. Diana meets the ghost of Pauline and her young man in dreams.

Heavy and crushing luxury: Kristen Stewart in “Spencer”.

Larraín’s films look like paintings on a museum wall. The rooms and corridors in which Diana travels are red and brown, full of frustrating heavy luxury. Life outside the window (they sew curtains in her bedroom, supposedly protecting from telephoto lenses) looks dusty and light. Mint colors and slots slots as far as the eye can see.

In other words, ‘Spencer’ is gorgeous. soundtrack by RadioheadJohnny Greenwood, Outstanding Personality – An innovative blend of classical and jazz. Kristen Stewart Was Nominated For An Oscar For Her Interpretation Of The Princess – Too Poor, Too Funny, So corrupt – It’s not unreasonable.

Oscar Nominated: Kristen Stewart, “Spencer”

But does Larren, or more specifically screenwriter Stephen Knight, have anything new or a breakthrough to say about life in the golden cage? Other than that being Princess of Wales was a terrible life, not least when her death-defying husband, Prince, no longer loved her?

Not much. In the last half hour, kistch-y turmoil evaporated for a while, replaced by a cliched, anti-reality “what if” adventure. Disappointingly simple. But the road there was unforgettable.

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