Did Harald Ea Dagbladet cheat? – It could look like this

Did Harald Ea Dagbladet cheat?  – It could look like this

Did the 37-year-old American woman really move Harald Ea's feelings? Does he find it difficult to like a Harry Potter character?

The short version

-What are you reading now?

-At the moment I'm reading “Educated” by Tara Westover. It is an inspiring memoir that makes me appreciate the value of education and the personal journey of self-discovery and independence. The book touches me deeply and reminds me how important it is to pursue knowledge, not only academically, but also about ourselves and the world around us.

How to start the interview Comedian Harald Eya did a Leselyst column in Dagbladet Bok. He was also quoted as saying:

  • Dolores hates Umbridge from Harry Potter because of her “cruelty and abuse of power, hidden behind the sweet façade of authority.”
  • She will sleep with Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice because her “intelligence, strength, and independent spirit, combined with her ability to see through society's expectations, make her incredibly attractive.”

But are the answers really coming from one of Norway's most famous comedians?

There are several indications that IEA quotes may have been generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

– No answer received

Aftenposten ran Eia's response through the service Copyleaks AI Content Detectora service that has been used, among other things, to detect plagiarism cases of Norwegian politicians.

The service concluded that Eia's response to Dagbladet was created by KI. Aftenposten has not received confirmation of this from the EIA, but on Tuesday evening contacted news editor Mads A. Andersen in Dagbladet and raised suspicions. After a short examination, Andersen called again. Then he said that the interview was conducted for each email.

– Our journalist checked the authors and book titles in the usual way to ensure their existence. After being contacted with suspicion, I sent a message to Harald Ea asking if I was right, but I did not receive a response, says Andersen.

– The issue will be discussed in the podcast

Harald Eia was recently playing with artificial intelligence on the podcast Podme Tore og Harald, which he created with comedian Tore Sagen. Among other things, the KI voice was created for the two, to answer that it was Prime Minister Jonas Jahr Sture.

Aftenposten was also in contact with Harald Ea on Tuesday evening. He does not want to answer our questions on Tuesday, but says he will do so on Friday. It's the same day that Tore og Harald's podcast was published.

– The case will be discussed in Tore og Harald's podcast, Eia wrote in an SMS.

– It could look like this

Dagbladet's news editor says they will not take any action on the matter until they receive confirmation from the EIA that the answers were generated by artificial intelligence.

– Do you agree that the answers provided by Eia can appear to be generated by artificial intelligence?

– When I see the answers related to this doubt, I also see that it can look like this, answers Andersen.

He later adds via SMS:

– If this is true, we don't know if it's because Ea feels too old to answer a survey about literature in Dagbladet, or if it's a form of humor.

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In this case, he writes, it illustrates the challenges journalism faces with artificial intelligence.

-The fact that you don't get an answer from the person you think you're interviewing is annoying to us. But it is a shame primarily for our readers who give Chat GPT ideas about literature, and not Harald Eia's ideas.

At 22:24 on Tuesday evening, it appears that Dagbladet had not published the interview with Eya.

Shortly after Aftenposten published this article, Dagbladet unpublished the interview with Harald Ea.

“Tore and Harald's Podcast” is published by PodMe, owned by Schibsted. Aftenposten is part of the Schibsted Group.

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