Did you miss these cases?

Did you miss these cases?

We have selected for you some of the best cultural items.

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Andrea (13 years old) has seen a lot of attention at Christmas this year

Pulling your stomach at full speed over cobblestones was one of the most fun things the actor from Bergen did in 2020.

Andréa Othilie Helén Wilhelmsen-Grøtnes (13) talks about the crushing meltdown she experienced after NRK launched the new Christmas success ‘Christiana’s Magical Tivoli Theatre’.

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No broadcasts have been seen. Then he won “all the shit”.

Despite the “vulnerable” character, the yodel king of Tomrivgordin admitted that he conceived of getting somewhat close.

When you’re on TV for the first time, and you don’t see your baby for a long time, I owe it to myself to do a little good.

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His schedule for next year is full

Kygo entertained fans in connection with the Formula 1 race in Mexico.

Kygo is excited to use 2022 to make up for much of what has been canceled in recent years.

Next year, he will give his biggest concert of his career with 31,000 spectators.

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She was praised in the clouds, but her career had to be postponed

BT reviewer believes Sei Selina’s new song was an example of an artist creating his own world.

A little over two years ago, Sei Selina traveled west to give her first proper concert. When I got on stage at Hulen, expectations were high.

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A BT reviewer wrote after the concert, “If Sei Selena isn’t one of the biggest pop stars in the kingdom in a few years, I seriously wonder if there’s something wrong in the world.”

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I definitely had the most productive two years of my life

Sunder Lerchy and Tono the dog.

In 2021 Sondre Lerche managed a marathon in less than three hours, shooting a ten-minute single, taking a solo tour, launching wine, setting up a show, and writing a book.

How does he get time for everything?

“When I was driving alone last summer and played all these solo gigs, I stopped at Hardangervida for a walk,” says Lerchi.

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– When I get sick for the first time, I do it right

Sølvi Rolland hopes to be back in full force in the early part of 2022.

In June, it narrowed. The tumor returned in his throat. The test result from the University of Hawkeland Hospital was severe – lymphoma.

Three days later, she was on the operating table.

den Dramatic story To the 52-year-old, who has managed the Ole Bull Scene for nearly 17 years.


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