did you see 40 degrees recorded at Mehman : — They complain of being too cold

did you see  40 degrees recorded at Mehman : — They complain of being too cold
Hot: Bring on the shorts!

Summer is coming tomorrow for Troms and Finnmark, that’s what was reported in Dagsrevyen.

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– So good, they’re happy about it, they complain it’s too cold, says John Smits with a smile as VG draws his attention to the ever-tiny blip in Wednesday’s weather forecast.

Because on Thursday, when the state meteorologist and meteorologist were to report the weather for Trams and Finnmark, at least one observer opened his eyes and contacted VG.

With temperatures like five degrees in Alta, five degrees in Hammerfest and five degrees in Verdo, the number 40 appeared in Mehman’s temperature forecast.

– That’s what can happen. We enter everything manually. Sometimes mistakes happen. Even if you check, you don’t always get everything, says Smits.

In Mehamn, around four degrees on Wednesday evening, sits Alf Normann Hansen (Sv), the mayor of the municipality of Gamvik.

He was absent from DoxRevion on Wednesday, and when VG confronted him with the weather report, he dissected the following:

– So wonderful, we need it!

A few minutes later, after checking what the weather will be like on Thursday, he confirms:

– It’s pretty cool compared to what’s been reported.

Spring is taking its usual course in the north, Meyer says. The meadows begin to turn green, and the birch begins to shed its leaves.

But does he feel that what he missed was a travesty?

– We take such things in very good spirits. Normann Hansen concludes that we are not taking it too seriously and are looking forward to summer temperatures at the end.

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Weather forecaster Smits said he wasn’t aware of the mistake until VG called, but in the first minutes of the car ride home from Marianlist, he had a possible explanation:

– We have numbers on all weather symbols, and symbol 40 is rain. The state meteorologist says the number from the symbol may end up in the written temperature field.

The meteorologist says the original plan and key number was five degrees.

The weather forecast service Pent.no shows that the city will have a temperature of precisely five degrees.

“There’s nothing we can do but take it in stride and sharpen ourselves up for next time,” Smits said of the slip.

And big mistakes have been made, he says.

– Kristen Kislefoss I remember one time it was 100 degrees somewhere, it should have been ten, but there was an extra zero.

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