Diederik Tonseth crashes in the 15km freestyle in a ski toilet

Diederik Tonseth crashes in the 15km freestyle in a ski toilet
Reserve role: For Diederik Tonseth, here during the national team’s last meeting before the World Cup in Planica.

PLANICA (VG) Diederik Tonseth (31) had strong results from November to January. However, he just fell out of the selections for the first two WC distances. It’s hard to handle.


Because when distance coach Eric Mer-Nosom introduced the team for the 15km freestyle on Wednesday, Tunseth wasn’t among them.

– It’s boring, of course. First you are disappointed because you are broke and then you have to walk around here pretending to go and get ready. It’s a double dip. Then comes race day. Everyone is healthy and fast. Then you feel it’s pointless, Tonseth tells VG and continues:

Although there are quiet days, it is a tiring life.

Hans Christer Holland He will go the distance as a world champion. Additionally it goes Sjur RothAnd Semin Hegstad KrugerAnd Harald Ostberg Amundsen And Johannes Hosflute Clabo.

– Probably the strongest team we play in the toilet. That’s probably the distance we’ve been the best at in the past five years, Mir Nassum said at Tuesday’s press conference.

– Daedric certainly participated in the discussion. If you look at the races we’ve had this year, there have been a lot of Norwegians at the top. The cards were shuffled a bit, and at some point we had to choose. Then unfortunately Daedric fell. He has a podium this year and he certainly could have fought for a medal tomorrow,” says Mehr Nasoom of Tunseth’s wreck.

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Because Trønder has been in WC for over a week, ten days more precisely. He is not yet allowed to walk a distance.

But he spent the time preparing. First as a reserve for a 30km run with the skis changed last week.

Then again for 15km on Wednesday. But both times it just fell.

He is severely punished without winning a ski race as a Norwegian skier, he says, and believes that the last real result – like a win or a podium – in recent races at the World Cup in France turned things in his favour.

– But that’s what it is. It doesn’t help that I think I should be letting go of something. We’re done qualifying races, I don’t have a lot of championship results from the last few years, then it’ll be like that, he says.

– How much does she weigh?

– There is a limit to how much you can self. You must be a little nervous if you get the message. But it has gone well so far.

“Life in the camp,” where some come home as medal winners, have suffered setbacks, or just sit and wait for their chance in a hotel, as Tunseth describes, is full of contradictions. He himself shares a room with Sjur Røthe, who took home the bronze medal on Saturday.

– There were ups and downs, and there are those who are not happy. It’s soup, he says, laughing.

Now Tunseth may have only one last hope. It’s the last 50 kilometers in classic style.

This has been in the back of his mind in all of his training work while he was at Planica for two WC weeks.

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That means a little more practice than if he had covered the distance earlier in the tournament, but he maintains that he did it without it affecting anything else.

– I have a plan of up to five thousand and I hope for the rest of the season. To lay some foundations, so that I don’t wander around here rotting away.

confirm it Hopes to go the distance.

– There are tough tracks here and tough roads ahead. I hope to start, do a good race. Tonseth considers it a trail that requires capacity.


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