Dimly tone: – Abuse in advertising:

Dimly tone: - Abuse in advertising:

Ads are constantly appearing on social media with pictures of different celebrities. In a lot of these celebrities are actually the face of the product, but it is also Several cases in which photographs of them were used without their consent.

“Company Lauritzen” – Dmley’s Current Ringtone (33) He is one of those who are now being abused in an advertisement. She shares this on Instagram.

Damley took a screenshot of an ad where a photo of her was used with a tear running down her cheek. In the text, they wrote that she would no longer appear in public and that she would reveal the true cause.

Photo: Instagram screenshot

Photo: Instagram screenshot
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It should turn out not to vote. Above the screenshot, the 33-year-old is raging against such advertisements.

“I’m getting a lot of messages about this right now. This is of course just nonsense. Disturbing stuff and hopefully people will see that this is fake. It’s stupid that things like this are allowed to thrive.”

tears: Damley bursts into tears when she thinks of leaving for the “Company Lauritzen”. Video: TV2
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Dagbladet was in contact with Damli’s manager, David Eriksen (54), who stated that she had no comment on this, but that they were related to the case.

– We’re working hard to bring it down. It is impossible to know who the sender is, but the most important thing for Tone is to convey to his followers that this is a scam.

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