Dimple tone: – I’m lucky

Dimple tone: - I'm lucky

Artist dimple tone (34) on several occasions used Instagram to share warm words about sympathizers Marcus Voss (40).

I did this, among other things, during the last party of «Company LauritzenEarlier this year, she posted a picture of the two of them smiling for the camera and wrote: ‘It’s easy to stand next to him and smile, because then I feel really good.’

at home: Tone Damli gives a peek at the house in Blommenholm in Oslo. Video: The red carpet
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For Voss’ 40th birthday on Thursday, Damley is once again sharing a touching tribute.

Today the best bass boy in the world turns 40! I am fortunate to have been able to share my life with you,” she writes in the post and posts a number of photos of them together.

“Congratulations so much on this big day. Fortunately for you (and for me) you will be kinder and more beautiful. I love you!” A sequence, followed by a heart-shaped emoji.

The couple and their two children, Billy (7 years old) and Marlon (1) moved into their new home earlier this year.

Their new home, ‘Villa Solom’, is located in Blumenholm in Byrom. They bought the villa for 9.5 million in 2015, with plans to renovate it.

However, in January 2017, it became known that Damley and Voss had demolished the villa for a new building. This led to a Giant fee 400,000 kr From the municipality, where it was proven that they did not have permission to demolish. Later that year, the couple sold parts of the plot. The sale ended up about 800,000 crowns less than the suggested price.

Great places: The tone Damley thought she should leave Martin Odegaard alone. Ødegaard had other plans. Video: red card.
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The artist and Voss became a couple in the summer of 2013, after several months of romantic rumors They first appeared together during the celebrity See and Hear In November of the same year.

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