Dimple Tone: – Reveals Intimate Details:

Dimple Tone: – Reveals Intimate Details:

Currently rolling “Company Lauritzen” Above the screen, among the participants in the famous program is the artist dimple tone (33).

Together with the rest of the participants, I have struggled in recent weeks through challenging missions and daring challenges.

There was still one special part of the stay at the Setnesmoen military camp that the 33-year-old had to work with a bit.

Company Lauritzen: Tone Damli was told she was “invisible” when the participants had to take their first notes in a military relationship. Reporter: Bjorn Ecker. Video: Selena Morkin
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– You can’t do that

There is no doubt that military life is physically challenging, and many of the participants in the “Company Lauritzen” did so He was injured during the program. For Damley, on the other hand, it was not the fear of getting injured that was the challenge, but the fact that all participants had to share a toilet.

– It was a communal restroom, the kind of booth you have in middle school. And I suffer from those things there. To sit next to Espen Lervaag and squeeze the seal puppy – I don’t mind. Or I can’t do it, Damli tells Dagbladet.

So it took a long time before the artist could go to the bathroom properly.

– So, it took ten days and it was quiet … It’s not good, you know, she confesses to Dagbladet.

Constipation: My boil has not gone to the bathroom for ten days.  Photo: Matti Bernitz / TV 2

Constipation: My boil has not gone to the bathroom for ten days. Photo: Matti Bernitz / TV 2
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Strict message

According to Damley, there was little sympathy to be gained from the leader who commanded the “Company Lauritzen” squad. They should have been clear about the two roles involved.

– We received a stern message from the commander: you have to go to the pigeon in the woods and take it out, otherwise it robs you of energy, says Damley.

Still finding a way to go to the bathroom without any interruption from the participants.

tears: Damley bursts into tears when she thinks of leaving for the “Company Lauritzen”. Video: TV2
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– I arranged it myself. We had such a “company” watch and there was a little alarm on it, so I set it half an hour before the party (alarm signal, diary.) He was due to go one day. I woke up a little earlier than anyone else, and I don’t need to say more, she reveals.

the outbreak

However, it wasn’t just constipation that marked the stay during the program. Earlier this month, it became known that a Outbreak during registration Late summer last year.

Despite the fact that many of the participants fell ill, the difficult tensions presented by the program must have remained natural.

SeInere became known that he was The 33-year-old who brought the disease with him in the barracks. Damley fell ill the day before traveling to Andalesnes, and was afraid she would be too ill to participate.

Fortunately, I traveled and tested negative for corona. But I was so bad when I got in there, it wasn’t fun at all. She also told Dagbladet earlier this month that she’s a little rough because there are so many other people who are going to get sick after that.

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