May 21, 2022


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– Disable new gadgets every year – Comment

– Stop new gadgets every year

Some people choose to unsecure their cell phones after three years.

Many electronics manufacturers cut out updates to working products when they feel like it.  But what many consider to be

Our electronic devices last longer and longer. For many types of gadgets, the duration extends on average to the last three years. It ends up being that we shop new every time the tool makers are launched.

But not everyone understands the drawing yet. And many products die very artificially and unnecessary when manufacturers decide to stop updating.

It does not mesh well with the “mature” mobile and television industry, for example. The most expensive products have power stations for some processors in them, many gigabytes of RAM and other shortcuts. There is nothing physical about them that says they should enter service three years after purchase.

But they do it often.

And that’s (almost) just because manufacturers have decided to do it and they don’t have a business model that adapts to our new reality. Many people still live in 2005, believing that a new launch is needed each year to keep up, and that they have something radically new and necessary to offer each time.

In fact, scams are often present. It’s not that there are no improvements – they come in a steady stream. But the great moments that revolutionize a field are almost absent during the day.

It perfectly matches the need to cut back on material consumption.

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We need absolutely not skimp on the innovation of features and software. But I get the clear impression that many gadget manufacturers are holding this back. What would one do without these new features at the next device launch without major hardware news?

I’ll give the producers some kind of excuse to stick with it. For some innovations require new hardware. They do occur, but they are not all individually. By the way; Best-in-class gets to update products that are six to seven years old in a row without major issues.

Of course, despite all the pepper they have, I’m talking about Apple. The company almost under our noses prepared for the future better than most companies. The company is accused of “planned obsolescence” and has been prosecuted in several countries. A company that clearly isn’t exactly curly in this context.

But nonetheless, it ended up oddly at the forefront between a doggie project on durable products and a sensible modernization strategy.

Because Apple’s reputation is worse than its practices. It is often said to be anti-consumer. can not be repaired. Poorer in specs than the competition. Too expensive.

Most of this has gradually been mistakenly claimed. But even the geeks who follow them often repeat the old truths.

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Apple has been updating products seven years in a row. You can buy an iPad for less than 4,000 riksdaler, and an iPhone for less than 5,000. Apple Watch? The world’s best-selling smart watch series has an entry ticket of around 2,500 kroner. Is any of this expensive? Well, it’s not the latest scream, and none of the products are called “Pro”.

But at the same time, the claim of weaker hardware has also become erroneous over time. Increasingly, apples are topping the performance statistics. Not only that – in some areas they run in a circle around the competition. So the old products are still updated for a long time, and have a lot of fun for the average user.

And after a little money in different countries, the company also had to put the last piece on “Reengineering for the Future” – and now it also offers parts to independent repairers and individuals.

If you want to transition to the next generation product a little earlier than most people, there are sometimes reasons for that. The storage space may have become too tight, the feature you have been waiting for may have come a year after you bought it. Then the resale value of Apple products is higher than any other brand. Also if you will sell entrance models.

All this in a world where competitors can only suddenly decide that your product is no longer up to date. Everything from car manufacturers to TV manufacturers and smart home manufacturers are guilty of stupidity. They retire fully usable products – sometimes with discounts on new pill sweeteners. There is also no doubt that their quarterly results will improve.

Not only that, but many cheap smart products are also sold at the end of their life and there are hardly any updates left after they leave the stores.

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The truth is that the devices you hold in your hands now can definitely work for another year or two. maybe more. But without updates, it goes from being a tool to being a risk.

And some are actively choosing that it should happen.

Maybe he’s taking you out to the shops for a makeover. The alternative was that they gave you new features and updated security for as long as the product actually works – or at least until it’s “completely unwise” to update.

When we ask gadget manufacturers how long they promise updates, they usually come across as blank, and answer for two, three or four years at most. Many of them do not have a specific plan, which can mean a year or ten – the birds know. For example, car manufacturers are happy to announce smart features for cars, but are less responsive when we ask how long these features will last.

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I don’t know exactly how to best solve this. Maybe a few hundred dollars a year to keep the mobile up to date after the third year is a good compromise that ensures innovation continues? It probably makes sense to sell cuckoo-type screen feet and wheels to PC cases just to get extra writing and best of all to pay for the development of the rest of us.

But for now, at least, some of us seem to have a problem with the future. Others are not only stuck in the past – they choose to make the future unsafe for their buyers.

Basically it’s not very different from many things in society. But it is likely that the winner will be chosen in the end, no matter which strategy you choose.

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