Disclosure: Joe Biden accepting the post of former Afghanistan president

Disclosure: Joe Biden accepting the post of former Afghanistan president

Writes Reuters.

Biden is under tremendous pressure after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Many critics have butchered Biden’s strategy and leadership, and some have called for his resignation.

The suicide bomber who killed more than 170 innocent civilians and 13 American soldiers at the Kabul military airport will forever be engraved in the history books.

The humiliation of the United States, and the panicked evacuation after the Taliban toppled government forces, with virtually no fire, sent shockwaves around the world after 20 years of war.

Now there is constantly new information about the game behind the scenes before the Taliban victory becomes a reality.

The fight against the Taliban is not going well

According to Reuters, Biden will hold talks with former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on July 23. The content of this conversation has now been leaked.

It is said that one of Biden’s main messages was the Taliban approach. According to the leak, the US president spoke warmly about the need to change the world’s view of how the fight against the Taliban should continue.

“I don’t know if you are aware of that, but the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan is that the fight against the Taliban is not going well,” Biden said in a telephone conversation.

– You definitely have the best army

The Taliban launched a blitzkrieg and invaded the whole of Afghanistan in a very short time. Here are Taliban soldiers on patrol in Kabul. Photo: Rahmat Gul / AP

It is also said that the US President assured Ghani that he had large military forces in the face of the Taliban uprising.

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– You definitely have the best army. You have 300,000 well armed forces against 70-80,000 and they are clearly able to fight well. We will continue to provide air support if we know what the plan is and what to do. Until the end of August, Biden said, who knows what will happen next.

It is clearly in the interest of the Afghan people

It was said that Reuters news agency traced the conversation via an anonymous source. According to the footage, Biden is urging the former president to have the Secretary of Defense come up with a new strategy to fight the Taliban.

Then Biden was said to have promised US aid if Ashraf Ghani agreed to change his view of the Taliban.

It is clear that it is in the interest of the Afghan people to succeed and lead the country. Biden stated that we will continue to fight hard, diplomatically, politically and economically, not just for the survival of your government, but for survival and growth.

Three weeks later, the Taliban occupied Kabul. Ghani left Afghanistan in disgrace when he realized the battle had been lost. Back in Kabul, tens of thousands of loyal servants were left to fend for themselves.

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