Discovery Norway, TV show | Bjerkviking will take part in a controversial TV show

Discovery Norway, TV show |  Bjerkviking will take part in a controversial TV show

The 16-week-old TV show from Hell made headlines when it aired on TVNorge and discovered the streaming service + in the spring of 2022. Now the second season is taping with a whole new cast of celebrities.

Celebrities who will now struggle through hard training include Alex Rosen, Birkviking Jenny Jensen and Stephen Iverson.

For 16 weeks, six participants will undergo strength training, rigorous exercise and a strict diet, in the hopes of achieving unparalleled results.

The program is not a competition and participants only have themselves and their expectations against which to measure themselves.

“But what they all have in common is that they want a healthy and strong body. To help them through their demanding 112 days, they have two mentors. Global superstar Martin Jonesrod Sundby will give tips and advice to participants to start training and stay motivated, and Clinical Dietitian Anette Skarpaas Ramm will give participants and viewers helpful advice About diet and cooking.

Here’s what Discovery+ writes in a press release.

– I look forward to helping the participants put this into practice, by showing you how to use a lot of raw materials and large quantities of fruits, berries and vegetables to achieve the goal of a healthier body. 16 weeks of hell is not something you have to live with, but it is a great start to changing your lifestyle, which can lead to great results in no time. It’s interesting to show how good results can be achieved by making changes in diet and physical activity, and how they can provide tremendous health benefits, says nutritionist Anette Skarpaas Ramm.

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Here are the participants in Season Two:

  • Alex Rosen (54), artist and TV presenter
  • Stephen Iverson (45), former football player
  • Jenny Jensen (58), artist
  • Trine Haltvik (57), former handball player
  • Jonathan Romano (46), chef and TV presenter
  • Mads Klemetsen (27), carpenter and TV presenter

16 Weeks From Hell Season 2 will be on Discovery+ in 2023.

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