Discrimination against unusual names – expression

Discrimination against unusual names - expression

My name is Derje Stebashko, I am 58 years old and I was born and raised in Mangalore, Oslo. My father is from Oslo and my mother is from Watchtower. From there, among other things, there are lines to Goodbrandstall and Westby.

Stebashko came by family name with a great-grandfather in the late 19th century. The branch with Stebashko was crowded and had disappeared before my time. All four of my children have been named Stepashko, but the origin of the name has become increasingly weak echoes from the past.

To my children It may be appropriate to switch to another surname to avoid misunderstandings and unfortunate discrimination. Unfortunately, they do enjoy what the name implies.

My son is a little bored of being called to the HR office because he has to check if the HR manager has a work permit.

It feels like a shortcoming even if you have applied for about 50 part-time jobs without any feedback next to the course, but more interviews are invited once the application is sent with the mother’s last name.

Is amazing You should be invited to a survey to determine if you are integrated into the community. You get the impression that the last name may be a problem. The fact that some degrading attitudes towards Eastern Europeans may have infiltrated Norway is certainly still a bigger problem, but as far as my record names are concerned.

I am not directly affected by racism and discrimination. That story belongs to others.

My story is about this People associate the name with a fairy tale, which is completely different from a Norwegian identity. As more and more Norwegian citizens end up in this category, we need to work a little more with the approach to names.

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Unable to read people by name. This is true even if the name is foreign.

The Norwegian community fails on its own when names become alien. Psychologically, we need to expand the Norwegian name plants so that it includes all the names. From there you can get the personal and professional qualities you are looking for. In case of distribution of new appointments or posts.

Fectern Bardos Piazzi Norway wrote the history of the game and moved Docsravian. News is spread by top journalists like Rima Iraqi and Gaddafi Zaman. Kamsi Gunaratnam is the Deputy Mayor of Oslo. Mohamed Elijah disrupted the national football team.

Nina Vitosek contributes with sharp analyzes of society. Actor Bartek Kominski is closer to Pierre Gint than any other Norwegian. Writer Jeshan Shaker discovers the general pulse of the city – and Abid Raja is everywhere.

This is something a little weird On these names, and in the absence of some knowledge they might have thought that they would only visit, that they should not have the same rights as permanent residents, or that they could not function at the same level as traditional Norway.

It should not be a secret that there are names in all genres for the talented in Norway. Names say nothing of the world about performance or ability to function in different contexts.

Racism, prejudice and discrimination take many forms. I think it may be a trigger factor that we don’t really take into account the fact that the name of the plants in Norway has changed.

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We have to act with attitude Reasons why we feel we can rise above ours and people from other parts of the world. You may begin to realize that the names say nothing about the ability to contribute according to individuals like Hanson or Solberg.

Neutral reading of names is not easy, but we can move away from a prejudiced attitude.

That makes no sense Sorting people by name, but that sorting is unlikely to disappear if we do not actively resist the inherent urge to distance ourselves from alienation.

We do this by reclassifying strangers to something we can identify with. We do this because if you have better knowledge you have the opposite attitude to what you thought.

Take some time for yourself and you will understand that the name for unhealthy stereotypes is a bad wedge. Here you can see the names above as new and make the list longer.

Life is distracting for everyoneAlso, I fully understand that many people want to change their name to avoid extra burdens. The most obvious question is whether it would be desirable for all Norwegian names to move towards a common naming tradition, Norwegianized or changed.

For me, Stebashko is completely Norwegian anyway. It has been in use in Norway for generations. I think this is from Eatswall.

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