Discussion, opinions | Local politicians, fans and disturbing views

Discussion, opinions |  Local politicians, fans and disturbing views

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It gives me great pleasure to read Arendt Sather’s articles in the local papers this summer. Arendt is a funny guy who lives across the street from me, and I often stop and talk to him, about tennis and cycling, and life and everyday life. Besides, we’re friends on Facebook, and on Facebook I gave the writing-loving guy a thumbs up, and wrote something philosophical along the lines of “Good fuck, Arnt.” Referring to his last post about plastic bags, first of all. I don’t know if it was the price of each individual bag or Arnt’s role as influencer, but I was shopping for lunch anyway today, and politely but firmly said no to this environmentally harmful product with a failed logo and handle.

It was this “Damn it, Arnt” comment that led to Arnt challenging me to write for the local paper. Now he writes that it will be your turn again soon, encourage him to try something good for food with a funny twist. I’m probably better at what’s fun than what’s good for food, but I can give it a shot.

There is always a certain danger in speaking out. You can’t hit everyone, and some people you meet, you hit on the end of your toes. It is often the same people who get agitated, on different topics, but with the same basic paranoid attitude. The people who make up a small but highly efficient environment, who have the answer for everything. Researchers, professors, the media and the authorities should rely more on this group, because it is pointless to cut plastic bags, and at the same time not to ban commercial flights. In addition, the weather we only see now is different, and that’s how it’s always been. After all, it hadn’t been that long since the last ice age. Do not worry. Besides, heads of state travel to climate conferences, so maybe it’s just the media trying to force us to stop tourism in the south.

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You can also rate the risks based on the objectivity of what you write. The aforementioned writer S√¶ther wrote on 14 July of how great the weather was with rain, and that this sort of weather had an undeserved bad reputation in the summer. I don’t know, ernet. It can be hard even for a joy distributor like yourself to stand on a curtained staircase at the roundabout in Nasbeen and tell people how lucky they are to have a swimming pool downstairs. To see the plus is that they don’t have to mow the lawn on a whim and the water tanks are full when winter rolls around.

I can write something useful about politics as there will be municipal and local council elections soon. I myself joined the Socialist Left Party, and ended up on the list. We’re talking about a fairly safe situation with two numbers on the list, but hey. Local politicians are reviewed by the group of experts mentioned earlier in the comments section of the newspaper. Local politicians, but also advisors, because they often don’t realize that these are two different things. The advisor is actually the worst. He does not want anything beneficial to the population, if the “Dunning Kruger Inc” gang is to be believed. He is the Prince of Darkness who is said to live in a multi-million dollar villa in Asker au Byrum, and he has come here to shut down the commune and let the old people starve to death. Or at least get bad food from Ringerikskj√∂n.

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Arendt writes a lot about perspectives, and I thought he should keep at it, because perspectives matter. We’ll take some time on a helicopter ride and look at things from a short distance sometimes. Like, for example, this homogeneous and sinister group of local politicians. They are hanging out on most platforms, their proposals are ridiculous, and the property tax is either too high or too low. But if we assume for a moment that local politicians are normal people with normal jobs and families. Local politicians have hobbies and problems, visions and goals, dreams and nightmares, plus a local political position on top of this. I don’t think anyone gets into politics with the intention of making things worse. Politics is not an exact science. Politics is not like football, where you pick a team and are loyal to the club all your life. Politics is dynamism, bartering with horses, compromise, removal of support for spectacles, a long series of visions that collapsed for various reasons. But this is what we enjoy in protecting from chaos and total collapse. So often when I read critiques of political decisions, from this small group of know-it-alls, it reminds me of the TV series Teenage Boss, where the teen of the house had to manage the finances for a month, often with the result that things went to hell first, before they You gain better perspectives and understanding of why things are the way they are.

But anyway, elections are coming up soon, and even if you think it doesn’t matter what you vote for, participating in democracy doesn’t hurt. It’s easy to get discouraged when minister after minister has to hold a press conference to say they’re done with politics, because the regulations they designed have proven difficult to understand, but it doesn’t help to give in. The greatest danger to democracy is that we stop participating in it. And if things are really bad at Ringerike, Hole or Jevnaker, all you have to do is join a party and do a little effort to make things better. You alone don’t get all the power, and everyone should be grateful for that. Good Choice …

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