May 29, 2023


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Discussion, personal finance |  Solwang poses on the wall:

Discussion, personal finance | Solwang poses on the wall:

The online newspaper, along with Storebrand, looked at what an average family can expect from increased fixed costs this year. Keywords include high interest rates, record high electricity and fuel prices, as well as rising food prices.

The calculation showed the cost decline of several tens of thousands of kroner And killed politicians on the field.

The role of finance minister Drikway Slaxvolt (SP) came up last week with an estimate that shows what the average family has to deal with, which has provoked many. The finance minister hopes that this year there will be an additional 14,000 for an ordinary Norwegian family. On the numbers kept hunting Political environment Tuesday,

– We are not trying to calculate. The good thing is, even in the crisis we are experiencing now, people are getting real wage growth, ”Vadam said on Tuesday.

He still needs to be reviewed below Discussions Tuesday night at NRK.

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Consumer economist Sicily Twentenstrand believes the calculation is misleading and that the population should be upgraded at significantly higher interest rates and that spending should be higher than the finance minister provides.

– This is not what I discovered

In addition, the consumer economist points out that some will receive a pay rise until January 1st. There are many wage solutions that do not come ashore.

– Where do you get the idea that everyone has the same solution, even when the solution is not even for multiple groups?

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– We see that the pre-material model is ahead of other groups, the scripture says and indicates that it is set at 3.7 percentage points.

– Is there any benefit to us from the wage settlement when you and you carry everything out?

See the answer to the scripture here:

Scripture points out that this is a grounded solution and that the Technical Calculation Committee considers a pay rise of 3.7 percent and a price increase of 3.3 percent.

NRK family father Harvard Vedwick was also invited back to the studio. Earlier this year, he spoke of concerns about his own finances and that of his family.

– You are using a solution that is unfinished, and this is 3.7 percent for a full year. Wedwick says you lose two months.

– The scripture says we use the numbers that are in the previous lesson.

Solwang then interrupted:

– No, you extend it for a whole year, based on a higher salary, and then you think everyone will get the same, says Solwang.

– I have statistics based on Norwegian statistics. This is not a self-discovery, but the statistics also point to figures showing that unemployment has fallen under the current government.

Moreover, the Finance Minister stressed that interest rates will be a major challenge for the Norwegian people in the future.

– You don’t even put soda

Fuel, food and electricity prices were also dragged into isolation as the debate progressed.

According to Wadamin’s calculation, increasing the price from NOK 17 to NOK 22 would increase NOK 5 per liter for Norwegian households.

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Solwang points out that this family with children is a petrol-hungry car that uses only 0.6 liters per mile. Here, the scripture points out that if you look at the ordinary Norwegian family car, it is a real rating.

Vitamin calculations also show that this year food for ordinary households will cost an additional NOK 3,400. But according to the budget estimate of consumer research firm SIFO, such a family selected by the finance minister estimates that they will experience an increase of NOK 6,182 this year.

On Vedum’s family meal budget, the NOK is 1,800 per week, which can not be purchased by the family on Sundays convenient, beer or steak in the online store Oda.

– You did not even bring a drink. It’s not even a soda. There is a very special way to do that.

Scripture indicates that these are the official figures of the consumer price index.

Finally, that figure estimates that a normal family of four is left after the tax debate.

Håvard Vedvik wants more transparency from the government about the challenging economic times to come and hopes the finance minister can save himself a theoretical budget.

The narrator enters here with the following comment:

– Don’t rain on millionaire families, is he really saying that?

Scripture believes that if families earning 500-600,000 kroner received tax deductions, the government would still have a more positive calculation. But the host disagrees:

– No but you, you know what. The more income you set, the better this calculation looks.

The Finance Minister responds that the government has taken a number of measures and that families with children in SFOs and kindergartens receive lower fees.

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