Distorting quotations about Ukraine

Distorting quotations about Ukraine

In short, Tuesday, February 28th.

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Commentator Andreas Saltholm has, in his own way, read the latest issue of Vardøger (Aftenposten, February 24).

In commentary, there is no room for nuance, but all distortions of quotes isolated from context, which particularly affect the undersigned. However, let it be clear: neither I nor any other Vardøger shareholder support Russia’s war in Ukraine. Slettholm also fails to provide evidence of this.

There is one separate sentence in particular that Slietholm holds: “That Russia ‘had to’ annex Crimea after the US took control in the 2014 Kiev coup, it can’t be hard to ‘understand.’” (p. 137)

The sentence is a brief summary of why the Russian leadership, She herself understood the situation, saw itself forced – “was” – to annex Crimea after the US-controlled coup. Kåre Willoch was thinking the same thing when he was in 2018 on the book «Everything in moderation. Political conversations» On page 100 they express their doubts about Ukraine joining NATO:

“No one should be surprised that Russia might see this as a threat, now that they have lost a large part of their empire… This means that American forces can be located 450 km from Moscow, and so their only significant fleet base is further south (on a peninsula). Crimea) could end up in one of the NATO countries. After all, Russian politicians cannot act on the basis of anything other than what they themselves see and what they consider other people’s motives and goals.

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See Oddbjørn Magne Melle: “Countdown to the War in Ukraine”. A Geopolitical Perspective on Conflict Warning i week days.

Hans Epping, Vardogr

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