Diya (25) warned against life-threatening sunstroke

Diya (25) warned against life-threatening sunstroke

On TikTok, videos with the caption “uvindex” are going viral.

There is a tendency for young people to tan quickly in the sun when UV radiation is too high.

This is how Thea Gwynne (25) from Balestrand reacts.

According to Lomelagen UV radiation is electromagnetic radiation with higher energy and shorter wavelength than visible light.

At age 17, Kvikne was diagnosed with melanoma, a type of cancer known as mole cancer.

According to melanoma Cancer Society A very serious form of skin cancer. 90 percent of all skin cancers are related to UV rays from the sun and tanning beds.

– That tan is not worth it. Gwynne tells Dogbladet that at worst, you lose your life for it.

UV alerts warn you when the sun is too strong. If the UV index is three or higher, sunscreen is recommended. If it is eleven then the Sun should be avoided.

UVI-Forecast Norway Shows the day when UV radiation is at its maximum.

– I think it’s scary that people use UV warnings like that. They warn for a reason, Kvikne says.

This case was first mentioned Bergensavisen.

Life-threatening consequences

The general secretary of the Norwegian Cancer Society, Ingrid Stenstädtvold Rose, reacted strongly to this trend.

– There is no tan that can put you at risk of skin cancer. It’s natural for us to want to look fresh, but I like to think, “I’m fine the way I am,” Ross tells Talkblade.

He says the consequences can be life-threatening.

– A tendency to focus on tanning and tanning with strong radiation and rapeseed oil will then lead to more young people being at risk of developing skin cancer.

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Influencer: Ingrid Stenstadvold Ross encourages influencers to promote positive advice about sun and health. Photo: Jorunn Valle Nilsen
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– Totally random

The mole that turned into cancer first started as a lump on Thea Guigne’s leg.

– I thought it was a wart and removed it because it hurt so much when I had to put on my football boots, he says.

Because of the color and appearance, the doctor chose to send the samples on the safe side.

Two weeks later, Kvikne received shocking news.

– It was completely accidental, not only did I let it go further, but it bothered me when I was playing football, so it had to go.

Tough times: When it was at its worst, Thea Gwynne was very lonely.  She doesn't get a chance to socialize with friends.  Photo: Private

Tough times: When it was at its worst, Thea Gwynne was very lonely. She doesn’t get a chance to socialize with friends. Photo: Private
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Two functions

Fortunately for Kvikne, the cancer was caught early. So she survived chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Still, she had to undergo two surgeries.

– I had to transplant skin from my stomach because I didn’t have much to take from my leg. They also found signs of spread in the lymph nodes in the left hip, so it had to be removed, says Gwynne.

Skin grafting: Skin from the abdomen was used to cover what they had to remove on their legs.  Photo: Private

Skin grafting: Skin from the abdomen was used to cover what they had to remove on their legs. Photo: Private
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Norway on top of the world

When it comes to the incidence and mortality of mole cancer, Norway ranks first in the world. It is the most common type of cancer in people between the ages of 25 and 49.

Skin cancer comes in several subgroups. It is very common to distinguish between melanoma and non-melanoma.

In 2021, 1279 men and 1164 women were diagnosed with melanoma in Norway.

It is one of the most increasing cancers and one of the most serious.

– It doesn’t have to be that way. Melanoma is a form of cancer that is easy to prevent with simple measures, says Stenstadtvold Rose.

– Be honest with your skin

Kvikne knows the consequences of careless tanning.

– I hope young people will follow the good advice on sensible sunbathing and using sunscreen. He says that I did not consider anyone to go through what I did and I did not go to the worst.

The general secretary of the Norwegian Cancer Society encourages people to be outside, but one must respect the strong sun.

– Be careful not to get sunburned – Be kind to your skin. Don’t bask in the most intense rays in the middle of the day, says Stenstädtvold Rose.

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