DNB, Kjersti Haugland | Green change: DNB’s chief economist Bill has no doubt who will get it

DNB, Kjersti Haugland |  Green change: DNB's chief economist Bill has no doubt who will get it

JN Stoltenberg, DNB’s chief economist, believes he’s professionally strong, but still explains why he thinks he can not get a job as chairman of Norges Bank.

Watch the full podcast / vodcast with Kjersti Haugland, Norway’s most powerful chief economist on DNB below:

Kjersti Haugland, chief economist at DNB, is clear. The green change has its price. Ultimately those who end up with a fee, most people with high prices for most goods and services in general, such as the price of electricity.

– Of course there will be winners, but note that there will also be losers, says Hawkland.

Watch the video clip of the debate over who will be the next chairman of Norges Bank; Jens Stoltenberg or others outside the triangle

Is It Wise to Build Interest Rates?

Haugland reflects how high your mortgage will be now as interest rates rise, how high it will be if you tie up interest rates now, how dark the clouds hang over the US economy, and the challenges in international trade. As head of Norges Bank he can imagine the work himself.

Watch the video clip below on who takes the bill for the Green Shift:

Many chapters

You can listen to many chapters here Storm & Island On Netavicen Podcast Or Spotify Or Apple Podcasts.

Among the guests were former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, former Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Labor leader and current Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store, NRK’s ​​Frederick Solwang, influential Linnie Myhre, Athlete’s father Jert Ingl்டsburgh, finance director Kerr , Jan Petter Sissener, Kristian Adolfsen, Johan H. Andresen and Reynir Indahl.

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