Do not buy this meat for BBQ

Do not buy this meat for BBQ

-We get easily fooled during grilling season. The atmosphere is almost more important than the food. He told the newspaper that the packaging is wonderful, referring to men.

“When you see different ads where the guy is standing next to the grill drinking a beer and taking all the credit, it's easy to fool men during barbecue season,” Eric Lelippo says. It is believed that many people focus more on the atmosphere than on the quality of the food.

“As long as the atmosphere is good and we see great ads with bonfires and barbecue chefs, we go for it,” he says.

The celebrity chef says he never buys meat that says “grill” on the package. He believes the meat is full of ingredients he doesn't want and is therefore of poor quality.

-I always buy clean meat and add the flavor myself. “Then I can also control what I put in, because there can be a lot of foreign things in seasoned prepared meats,” he adds.

However, he doesn't mind using marinade or other flavorings to change the taste.

Dagbladet checked out the Rema 1000's range of grilling products and noticed that it said either “added water” or just “water” within the list of ingredients on many of their products.

Although the amount of water is not indicated, you can see how much meat is in the package. About 10 percent of the brine is injected into barbecue products, which contain 88 percent meat, answers the specialist director of Nortura, which owns Gilde.

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“We add brine so that the product does not become dry and hard during preparation,” Kjetil Nesse wrote in an email to Dagbladet.

Randy Stoeva, Nordfjord's quality manager, says they wanted to have a wide range of products to meet diverse consumer desires.

“Some products are natural, others are flavored with salt, spices and/or marinade, and are therefore quick and easy to prepare on the grill,” Stoeva wrote in an email to Dagbladet.

Celebrity chef Eric Lelippo discovered in a recent grill test the consistency of different types of store-bought grilled meats.

“Manufacturers claim they add water to make the meat juicier, but when you're eating meat with a chewy texture, I think they're wrong,” he says.

However, the head of the department at Nortura agrees that water causes certain changes in the structure of meat, but according to him it is for the better, because it produces tender and juicier meat.

He points out that they are careful to maintain the correct balance with the amount of brine added so that the meat does not lose its texture.

Eric Lelippo claims that the more water is added, the chewier the meat becomes.

– When water is injected into the meat, it is easier for the brine to penetrate. But that doesn't make the cut of meat any better.

On the contrary, he believes. He also points out that water is added to the bacon, but since it is sliced ​​thin, the texture is not affected in the same way. He explains that large cuts of meat mainly lose their texture.

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