Do not leave your handbag on an empty seat

Do not leave your handbag on an empty seat

Sometimes karma comes and bites.

The submitter angers the “purse queens” who occupy a seat with their purses.
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You sometimes Annoyed by purse queens who put their handbags in the empty seat next to them without thinking that someone else might need the empty seat? Well, sometimes karma comes and bites.

Sometimes I use the bus frequently between Bergen and Norheimsund. Mostly on Saturdays. If you’ve traveled by bus a few times, you’ve surely experienced purse queens through good and bad. Another thing you’ll notice is that it’s mostly the same passengers.

And so it was This Saturday too. At the Bergen bus station, Pi Rani was one of the first passengers to enter. Glancing around, she took off her jacket and ear muffs and settled comfortably on the double seat behind the driver, placing her handbag on the seat next to the aisle. No one should come near here.

The bus was good, but not completely full. Fifteen minutes after we crawled into the Arna Terminal.

As I looked out the window, I thought I saw one of the usual Saturday commuters. Yes, if so. It was a more or less happy Salmon who took the bus to Arna every Saturday to see Vinmonopolet, buying two bottles of spirits as usual. As usual, he was already drunk this Saturday too.

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I don’t think I need to Explain in more detail, but it went as it should. Because he had no intention of standing in the aisle when there were still seats. So he nodded to the queen, put the bag on the floor and said, “I will sit here with you.”

The queen was stunned, dumbfounded, and at a loss. But it is not a big deal as two fellow passengers can talk.

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