Do not reject the death penalty for former US soldiers – VG

Do not reject the death penalty for former US soldiers - VG
Capture: Americans Andy Huynh (27 years old) and Alexander Drewic (39 years old) are said to have been captured by Russian forces at an unknown location. Here are still photos taken on video of the two Russian media.

Putin’s spokesman said the investigation would determine whether the two former US soldiers captured in Ukraine could be sentenced to death.


Alexander Drewic, 39, and Andy Hoen, 27, are believed to have been captured by Russian forces last week. A Russian state TV channel broadcast, on social media, a video clip of the captured soldiers.

– They fired on our army and put their lives at risk. They have committed crimes. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said in an interview with NBC News that they should be punished.

also Russian Ria Discuss it.

Sentenced to death

Two British and Moroccan nationals allegedly involved in war in Ukraine Sentenced to death in early June.

When asked by the channel if Drueke and Huynh face the same fate, Peskov replied the following:

I don’t guarantee anything, it depends on the investigation.

No guarantees: Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov will not guarantee the lives of the two American soldiers captured in Ukraine.

Peskov notes that it will be a judicial decision through a court, but claims that the Geneva Convention will not apply to the two Americans, because they were not soldiers in the Ukrainian forces.

It does not answer the question about where they are or who captured them.

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She took to the fighting near Kharkiv

The two enlisted to fight on the Ukrainian side of the war. I mentioned a week ago telegraph That they were supposed to be captured by the Russians.

Thus, they are the first former US soldiers to become Russian prisoners of war since the outbreak of the war.

Unknown location: Russian television showed a video of two Americans allegedly in Russian captivity. He does not know where they are and who is guarding them.

A colleague of them told the newspaper that they were taken to the fighting on 9 June in the village of Izbitsky near Kharkiv.

During the clashes, a tank fired at the two men, but no remnants or equipment were found after them. The colleague later saw a message on the Russian telegram channel that two Americans had been arrested near Kharkiv.

Druk enlisted after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and served in Iraq. Huynh served in the Navy for four years, but was not in combat before the war.

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