– Do not run away from the nickname «godtemons» – VG

- Do not run away from the nickname «godtemons» - VG
Toilet Number Five: Amalie Yuel (28) ran the 400-meter hurdles in her first Norway toilet in Beijing in 2015. In Eugene, Oregon, she starts night four through Wednesday at 02.15 Norwegian time.

Amalie Yoel (28 years old) admitted that she is still burdened with sweets, especially “Smash!” And milk chocolate with a pinch of sea salt.


You should give it a try, she says with a laugh when faced with whether she is still very fond of sweets.

She became known when her father talked about it in connection with the World Championships in Athletics three years ago in Doha, where she lowered her personal record in the 400-meter hurdles by 43/100 and set a Norwegian record by 54.72.

I hit Line Kloster (32) a few weeks ago and ran 81/100 faster in Switzerland. Her 53.91 is the ninth consecutive time in the world this year.

– It was completely raw. It’s a shame she’s not here. We’d like you to be in the relay, Amali Lowell says.

The best time for Amalie Iuel this year is 54.91 in Bislett on June 16th.

– I ran pretty well steadily this year, dropping in the 54s – because I haven’t been in three years. If I were to decorate the “press” first, it would be fun to take a little punch. She says with the track here, which feels fast, plus some World Cup tension, it might be possible.

Javes brings us back to the starting point. This is Amali Lowell’s fondness for giving her the nickname “Godfathers”.

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– Yes, I am a good demon. I can’t escape from this address. Everyone who knows me knows that I love sweets. Chocolates are especially recognized.

She adds that she “should back down a little bit”, and that she is trying to eat a little less during the season and in relation to the championship. When asked why, it obviously doesn’t matter much who or to – but it’s more about some kind of self-discipline.

You don’t have to eat large amounts every day. But it’s fun. I try to keep it for the weekends, because it’s nice to have a movie for example. I try chopping up some carrots instead—with chocolate, she adds.

VG takes the opportunity to install it for another pregnancy.

During the World Cup three years ago, coach Liv Olaf Alnes nearly confiscated Amali Yuel’s mobile phone after her record-breaking qualifying run. He thought she was too preoccupied with it and its contents, and that would be a distraction given the upcoming semi-finals. He was said to have left Iuel’s mobile phone to cool off in a fridge in hot Doha – her third World Cup.

– It wasn’t. But I tried to put it away. He (Alnes) knew what would happen after the attempt (qualifiers) when all went well. There will be many text messages and a lot to respond to. With so much adrenaline in the body, it’s easy to walk away and sit all night and respond to acquaintances and such, she says.

– Maybe it was really that he shouldn’t take too much focus before the semi-finals. She adds that I have to put her away to get enough sleep.

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Before her fourth World Cup appearance since her debut in Beijing seven years ago, she believes mobile is not a risk factor. It doesn’t feel like it takes a lot of focus, she says.

I stop and roll a little. But I don’t sit for long hours before I sleep. I’m very good at going to bed early. At least I get enough sleep, even if it’s a little warm in the room. She says it’s nothing big on the topic – mobile interference.

– Not what it is now. It goes pretty quietly. it’s clear. If she’s shimmering with letters and congratulations, Amali says to Lowell, if all goes well, it might be a good idea to put them away until at least I’m done.

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