Do you have a place for refugees from Ukraine?

In short:

  • It will be required to resettle refugees from Ukraine.
  • Adjustment may be required privately and through reception.
  • If you have accommodation available, the municipality of Lund would like to let you know.

What type of rooms and houses can be used?

Rooms that have been approved for accommodation can be rented and rented. Also rooms in the house. You do not need a new permit to lend / rent it, neither to refugees nor to others. As a homeowner, you must make sure that living in it is safe, and that the standard is justified. It must be possible to escape from at least two places (eg door and window) and there must be at least one smoke alarm for each. a story.

For areas that are not approved for habitation, but are attached to a separate living unit (basement and/or attic), there are simplified technical rules for obtaining this approval as an extended part of your home, if the house was built prior to 2011.

  • Ceiling height should not be less than 2 meters
  • You should have at least one window in each living room (bedroom and living room)
  • The room shall be insulated so that it can maintain a normal indoor temperature, and there shall be possibility of ventilation
  • Fire safety must be ensured and the structure must be strong enough for new use.
  • You can’t have moisture that leads to rot, mold, fungus or the like

Contact information:

Contact Monica at NAV Lister at 901 08996, if you have suitable accommodation.

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