Do you know this about Bridgeton?

Do you know this about Bridgeton?

Then the first season of Fashion Drama “Bridgerton” It was released on Netflix in 2020, in the midst of a pandemic and infected world lockdown, and became the most successful series that Netflix has aired to date.

And it may not be without reason. The series takes viewers two hundred years back, and into the life of the upper-class Bridgeton family. It abounds with eccentric 19th-century costumes and attitudes, while the movement is modernized.

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The series has also been praised for its versatility in both skin tone and body sizes.

On March 25, the series returned to Netflix with its second season, and it was confirmed that there will be a third and fourth seasons of “Bridgerton”. The first two seasons consist of eight episodes.

Are you eagerly waiting for Season 3, or should you start watching the series now? Here you’ll find what you need to know about Netflix’s success.

Note: The article will contain spoilers for those who haven’t seen Bridgeton.

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Where was Bridgeton registered?

The series takes place in England, and here, too, the series was filmed.

Despite the fact that the action at Bridgeton takes place in Mayfair in London, several scenes were recorded in Bath. Among other things, the Royal Crescent is located here, which in the chain serves as the home of the Featherington family.

Is it a true story?

Bridgeton is not based on a true story. The events take place during the Regency era in Great Britain (1811-1820). The era is known for its elegance, art and architecture, as well as being a time of social, political and economic change.

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The setting in the series carries elements from the time period, but apart from this, Bridgeton is rather a reflection of modern society.

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The series’ creator, Chris Van Dusen, also spoke city ​​and country This is not a history lesson.

“We knew we wanted the series to reflect the world we live in today, and even though it was set in the 19th century, we still wanted modern audiences to connect and see themselves on screen,” he says.

Queen Charlotte is a real person

But although the series is fictional, Queen Charlotte (1766-1828) is a real historical figure.

Some historians believe that Queen Charlotte was the King of England The first dark-skinned kingShe is also the character in the series. However, this has not been confirmed.

Based on the book series

The series is based on the “Bridgerton Family” book series by Julia Quinn (52). The series consists of eight books. However, Netflix’s success isn’t quite like books.

Among other things, one of the biggest mysteries in the book series revolves around who “Mrs. Wesleytown” is. The character works as a narrator in the series.

This wasn’t revealed until the fourth book, but in the series it was revealed at the end of season one – surprises Both actors and author of the book series.

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He gave up after the first season

The character of Simon Bassett continues to appear throughout the eight books of the book series, and in the first season of “Bridgerton” he was responsible for many of the season’s shirtless scenes.

But in the series, the actor behind the role, Directed by Jean Page (34) was only cast for one season, and did not enter the second season.

to me Ella It was Paige himself who made the decision to leave the series, but neither the series’ creators nor Paige ever said that the character would be seen in the series again.

Celebrity-inspired hairstyles

There has been a lot of interest about Bridgeton’s hairstyles. Hair and makeup stylist Mark Belcher worked in the first season of the series He told Insider In January of last year, there was a modern twist on 19th century hairstyles, and that inspiration derives from celebrity looks.

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Among other things, Beyoncé in “Austin Powers in Goldmember” was the inspiration for Queen Charlotte’s afro hair. In fact, this wig is stitched together from a total of five wigs.

Mark Belcher died as a result covid-19 in the fall of 2021, a few weeks after he won a Creative Emmy for his work on the series.

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