Do you see what Samsung is doing here?

Do you see what Samsung is doing here?

Apple apologized shortly after publishing a new iPad Pro ad in which analog objects, including gadgets, were crushed in a large metal press.

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The idea was to show that everything works for the iPad Pro, but the feedback was very negative. Apple responded to the criticism by admitting that the ad was a mistake. Samsung? Of course they realized what had happened. The company is known to make fun of Apple in its advertising videos, and this time is no exception. “We will never crush creativity,” the company says of the X and links to a new promotional video dubbed “Jaw crushing“In which a woman picks up a partially broken guitar after the ravages of Apple, and uses a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 to help with notes.

Which commercial do you think is better/worst?

Let's take a look at Samsung's advertising ploy against Apple in recent years:

Watch Samsung's bullying of Apple and iPhone

“The 'Growing Up' commercial is about a man who gets his first iPhone in 2007. He then meets a woman who owns a Samsung phone, which is not surprising. The video then highlights the areas where the iPhone has fallen behind in technology over the years. Over the years, for example, Samsung has overtaken Apple in wireless charging and waterproof smartphones, but the Galaxy still has a 3.5mm audio output.

Apple has bullied this for years — see what Samsung has done now:

“Samsung yesterday pulled back the veil on the Note 10 series, and as expected, none of the models have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, you have to use wireless headphones or the included adapter. These are Samsung's first flagship phones Which does not contain this entry.

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This is how Samsung bullies Apple

Samsung's Justin Dennison was one of those who took to the stage to talk about the company's new flagship Note phone, and he also used the opportunity to take a jab at rival Apple:

-Do you know what else comes with it? Audio output. I just remember that,” he said with a smile and laughter from the audience.

This is how they bully the iPhone 12 Pro Max – what do you think of Samsung’s commercials?

“The first is 'space zoom' i.e. 100x zoom. Samsung is absolutely right: the iPhone is bad at extreme zoom and maxes out with 12x digital zoom. It's uncertain how often one bothers to take pictures of the moon, but they have a point In any case.

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