Dodge will make an all-electric muscle car

You will use technology to give a classic driving feel.

The Dodge Charger is one of those iconic “mighty cars” that most of us are familiar with from American popular culture—and perhaps especially from film and TV productions across the pond.

But such classic petrol cars have their drawbacks, and one of them is that they are a little heavy on fossil fuel consumption. That’s why Dodge is now looking into the possibility of continuing the classic Charger in a more modern, not least electric form — which could save both the environment and wallet.

the result is All-electric concept Named the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT “Banshee” – and what we see in this article are the first glimpses of the wear.

As is typical of typical cars, it’s hard to say how similar the product is to what we see here when it comes off the assembly line. To that extent, we also can’t be certain that this concept will ever end up playing out.

But there are several things that suggest Dodge isn’t just toying with the idea of ​​an electric car based on classic styling. for the first time The chief said That they will phase out both the Charger and Challenger through 2024. Second, Dodge has also set 2024 as a year ready with an all-electric car.

The third point is that the American public has now seriously opened its eyes to electric cars – thanks to the rising prices of gasoline and electric trucks. And Dodge probably thinks the market will soon be ready for powerful electric cars, too.

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But what about the driving experience, you might think. And what about the sound? The case is that most people would expect cars of this caliber to make some noise, and the smooth acceleration that comes with electric motors might sound too civilized to a part of the customer group.

That is why this wagon should be equipped with electronics that, if nothing else, will help the feeling of driving a classic muscle car. This includes an “eRupt transmission” where acceleration is jerky as it is with manual gearing, as well as a “Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust” – an audio system, not an exhaust system.

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This should be able to emit up to 126 decibels of “engine sound” (although EU rules will likely mitigate this somewhat if the car makes its way across the Atlantic).

Otherwise, Dodge claims the “R-wing” up front ensures the car retains its relatively robust appearance, while not sacrificing too much in terms of good aerodynamics.

On the other hand, there is little to be gained from the actual specs. We learn that Wear will be powered by Dodge’s new 800-volt “Banshee” operating system, but apart from that, at the time of writing there is definitely a lot of focus on the potential design.

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