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WORD BUTTON: SV leader Audun Lysbakken is fully aware that there will be a referendum on a possible government programme, but will not answer whether the SV can agree to discuss implementing this with the Labor and Socialist People’s Party.

Audun Lysbakken does not close the door to discussions on how the SV referendum should be conducted, but insists that SV members will decide whether the party goes to government.


The SV decided that a possible government program with the Labor Party and the Center Party would be sent to a referendum among all SV members.

In both the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party, there are doubts about the S. It is usually the central bodies of the parties, such as the national government or the parliamentary group, that approve the outcome of the negotiations.

Against VG, SV leader Audun Lysbakken will not respond on whether the referendum is the subject of government opinion polls between Labour, the Socialist People’s Party and the Socialist People’s Party.

– I can’t comment on what we’re talking about at Hurdalsjøen.

Lysbakken adds that the decision to hold the referendum was taken by the National Assembly, and that he does not have the power to cancel it.

I can’t get away from it because it’s a decision I’m committed to.

It is the highest body of the SV, the National Assembly, which has adopted Principle on the referendum. But it was the party’s National Council that decided how to implement it Doing excercise.

In other words: although Lisbachen cannot deviate from the referendum principle in the opinion polls with the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party, there is room to discuss the practical implementation of this – if the SV National Council agrees. This was also confirmed by VG from sources in SV.

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Four days: The SV referendum would originally last for four days.

– That’s another question

At the beginning of June, the guidelines for the referendum were adopted by the National Assembly of the SV party.

These state that the actual referendum must take place within one day, but that “in advance, members will have four days to learn about the outcome and discuss it in a combination of digital and physical meetings.”

Is there room for you to discuss the practical application of the referendum, such as shortening the time it will last?

– That’s another question. But I don’t intend to suggest anything about it now. Lisbakken says that the time course for negotiations and the formation of a new government must, of course, adapt to the dates on which we see an agreement.

See the guidelines for the SV poll in the facts box below.

The referendum will last for four days. But are you open to being shorter?

– I don’t want to say anything about her now. It’s too early. It is pointless for me to begin by commenting on the details of that. I understand that you are concerned about this issue now.

The SV leader adds that the referendum is a “very good idea”.

– means the renewal of the Norwegian Party’s democracy. But it is also necessary that we do so in order to stand strong to be part of a stable majority government. It would be in the interest of the entire government to do so.

Good mood: There was laughter at the SV National Board meeting. Here is SV leader Audun Lisbachen with Party Secretary Audun Herning and AU member Ayla Kamali.

will not speculate

Several SV provincial leaders that VG spoke to during Saturday’s National Assembly meeting were clear that the actual referendum would take place. But they were not categorical on the question of whether the party could agree to change how the referendum was conducted.

– In this case, this is something we must bring up for discussion in the National Assembly. This is not something we discussed. I think we need a few days to reach out to members, provide good information and provide space for discussions and questions, says Nordland SV Leader Åshild Pettersen.

– I don’t want to speculate.. the various parties must find their way to solidify a possible negotiation outcome. Both the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party are certain to cement a negotiated outcome in some way, says Trondelag SV leader Otar Michaelsen.

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Nor does Bjarne Rohde, leader of Troms and Finnmark SV, say he wants to speculate on this.

The point is that the referendum should last long enough so that you can become familiar with it, otherwise there is no point in voting on something you did not have time to learn about. At the same time, it should be done quickly enough because it should not go out for a long time. In that sense, I think four days is the right balance, says Rudd.

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