Dogecoin Kapuso Matt – E24

Dogecoin Kapuso Matt – E24

The famous dog that inspired the cryptocurrency Dogecoin has turned 18 years old.


The dog's owner, Atsuko Sato, reported his death His blog And Instagram Friday. The four-legged animal is said to have fallen into a “deep sleep” in Sato's arms.

Media around the world have covered the news.

Sheba became known for the first time when she was photographed Malik published in 2010went viral MimiMimiA cultural expression that spreads through imitation or copying and develops through selection. It is often used for images containing text that spreads quickly across the Internet. Online. Thus the kapusu, named after a Japanese citrus fruit, was given the nickname “Doji”.

The Doge meme was later used in the logo of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. The coin was initially created as a parody, but has evolved into a more serious project.

In 2021, the currency took off completely and reached its highest level ever. Elon Musk is among those who have embraced this idea.

In the spring of 2021, Dogecoin cost more than half a dollar, while now it is about $0.16.

The official Dogecoin account on X wrote on Friday that it is impossible to measure the extent of a dog’s impact on the world.

“She was a creature that knew nothing but happiness and endless love,” the cryptocurrency account wrote.

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Owner Atsuko Sato, a kindergarten teacher, adopted the dog from an animal shelter in 2008.

Sato had said earlier the edge That Kapuso “likes to be photographed.” I was a little shocked to discover that the dog had gone viral on the Internet.

– It was very strange to see her face there. She said it was a kapuso I didn't know.

In 2022, it became known that Kapuso had leukemia and a liver disease.

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