Doja Cat: – Looks like a wrinkled penis

Doja Cat: - Looks like a wrinkled penis

Actress Amala Ratna Zandil Dlamini (27 years old), Known as Doja CatShe surprised everyone when she shaved her head and eyebrows this summer.

In a new interview with the magazine stunnednow gracing the cover, admits that the big beauty transformation didn’t quite happen as she imagined.

– My skull looked like a wrinkled penis. I looked like I had an enlarged brain, she told the magazine.

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– I thought I was going crazy

What also didn’t help was that social media seemed concerned about the star’s mental state, suspecting that she had lost it.

– People thought I couldn’t just do it for fun, that I must be totally out of it. They thought I was going crazy.

The 27-year-old says friends and family have previously tried very hard to convince her not to continue shaving. Despite this, she will now enjoy being bald.

– I felt beautiful when I had long hair. I definitely felt like a hot girl then, but I always do. There is something exciting about change. Show me another side of myself. I feel fresh, new and exciting. I also feel better without makeup. Getting that bare head and minimal makeup on is a fun experience. It’s new and I love it.

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– Doesn’t follow any rules

During Paris Fashion Week, the artist showed off a number of wild “makeup looks.” Afterwards, she felt compelled to respond to the haters who thought she was “ugly” and looked “like a tired old statue”.

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“I wasn’t trying to look sexy or cute. All of my makeup has a story and I don’t follow any rules — and if I did, you wouldn’t be the one making it.”

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