Dom, drugs | Drug traffickers crossed the border on foot and were sentenced to nine years in prison

Dom, drugs |  Drug traffickers crossed the border on foot and were sentenced to nine years in prison

The man’s explanation for the unusual shape of the entry was that he wanted to avoid coronary strictures when he was visiting his girlfriend in Norway.

But judges at the Oslo District Court maintained that the Dutchman’s explanation did not hold up to the faithful at all – neither as to the background of why he secretly walked across the border, nor the other information he gave about the whole case.

Police investigations revealed that the man’s mobile phone at 4pm on Saturday 12 December just over a year ago broke into the base station in Linnerudhaugen near the Swedish border far southeast in Kongsvinger, almost on the municipal border towards Eidskog.

Amphetamine is produced in oil

Based, among other things, on the information contained in the messages he sent as well as chat activity during this period, the police stated that he had approximately 12 liters of amphetamine oil in his bag. The oil was used to produce over 14 kilograms of amphetamine when he arrived in Oslo.

After a while, he was said to have been taken by taxi in the far southeast district of Kongsvinger, and taken to a hotel in central Oslo. At the same time, he also rented a room in another hotel in the city.

On the same day, he was said to have had extensive activity in letters and conversations with a man in Sweden regarding delivery and transport on the Norwegian side of the border, and that they should speak again upon his return to Sweden.

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Double booking explained to the Dutchman that it pays to have two rooms in case you get tired of one.

Caretaker imprisoned himself

A few days later, the criminal activity of the Dutchman was revealed by chance in one of the hotel rooms in Oslo. The hotel caretaker locked himself in the Dutchman’s room to do some maintenance, and discovered large quantities of white powder lying on baking paper on the floor, as well as in containers in the bathroom.

He was informed by the police of the suspicious finding, and shortly thereafter the Dutchman was arrested after returning to the hotel again.

Inside the room, empty containers were also found, probably the bottles in which he kept amphetamine oil when he walked in hiding across the border into Norway.

blaming others

– I knew the drugs were illegal, but I only took care of the drugs for others, as the man stated in the witness box at the Oslo District Court – without wanting to say anything about the identity of the client.

The illegal storage of the final 14.7 kilograms of amphetamine was the only thing in the indictment that he pleaded guilty to.

He denied any knowledge of amphetamine production by which amphetamine oil is converted to amphetamine sulfate through a chemical process. Analyzes also showed that amphetamine had above-average potency.

– That’s cream

When he was arrested in December 2020, the police thoroughly searched the man’s mobile phone. There were found movies from staying at the same hotel a month ago.

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The photographs showed several dishes and a container with a white substance in it – apparently very similar to the anesthetic powder he had taken in December.

The Dutchman himself claimed that he made scoring difficult for some friends.

– The substance you see in the recording is just a cream, something similar to what you can buy in spray bottles, the man claimed in his own interpretation at the Oslo District Court.

Signs of criminal activity

Among the police evidence were also video footage the man had made from large sums of Norwegian paper money – possibly collected during previous stays at the hotel in central Oslo. The man also explained to these photos that he had taken them just to “tighten them”.

But the man had previously been convicted of drug offenses in the Netherlands, and judges at the Oslo District Court had no doubt that his trips to Norway were related to drug smuggling and/or production.

Just over nine years in prison

It is noteworthy that his chat activity was mostly about money, drugs and weapons, and is characterized by intense and meticulously planned criminal activity. Although the man stated that he was part of a legal family business, he was unable to prove where he raised the money and what income he surrounded. Nor what the company does.

The Dutchman has now been sentenced to nine years and three months in prison for stockpiling 3.7 kilograms of amphetamine in November 2020, in addition to 14.7 kilograms of amphetamine in December of the same year.

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373 days in custody after arrest will be deducted from your prison sentence.

However, the prosecution did not succeed in confiscating just over a million kroner from the criminal activities of the man, because the size of the amount was not sufficiently proven. On the other hand, just under 100,000 kroner, which the man was in possession of when he was taken, was confiscated to the treasury.

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