Domestic Politics and Wind Energy | We are ready for an open discussion on energy policy in Rana with Arv Ulrichsen and Motvind Norge with many other participants in the session

Domestic Politics and Wind Energy |  We are ready for an open discussion on energy policy in Rana with Arv Ulrichsen and Motvind Norge with many other participants in the session

Rana SV called an open discussion session at Mo Samfunnshus on Thursday 20th April. The panel discussion will be led by Rana SV Leader, Ingrid Lorentzen Kjeldal. Rana SV mentioned the background to the discussion as follows:

“Over the past 10 years, the climate issue has become the single most important issue globally, and there is a binding international agreement on reducing global carbon emissions. At the same time, the shift to more carbon-neutral energy use could put more pressure on nature and biodiversity. Since the development of new renewable energy in our region is likely to be one of the central issues in the election campaign this fall, it is important to highlight energy policy from different points of view.

Lorentzen Keld will present the discussion, and Francisca Kapfgel Herbst, leader of the AP’s Sami Political Council, will present an appeal. It will also be open to questions from the public.

In the press release leading up to the discussion session, Rana SV reports that on the list of key questions that the discussion meeting will address are the following:

• What strength do we need in northern Norway to move forward?

• What realistic industrial facilities can be envisioned in the next few years, and what does this mean for energy demand?

• How big is the energy efficiency potential?

• What will the growing need for carbon neutral energy mean for nature and the environment?

• Should one invest in less future growth as part of the strategy?

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• What will continued energy development in the region mean for electricity prices?

The panel itself consists of the following four people:

Ervi Ulrichsen

Managing Director of Mo Industripark, member of the State Energy Committee. He is, among others, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rana Utvikling and MIP Miljøkraft, Member of the Board of Directors of Sintef Norlab, Sintef Helgeland, Energi i Nord and SIVA, as well as Deputy of the Board of Directors of the University of Tromsø. Preoccupied with good access to energy and continuous industrial development in Northern Norway.

Sven Hammer

Hemnesværing, social researcher and speaker with an extensive professional background. Author of several books that shed light on the challenges we face in the struggle between economic growth and environmental constraints. In his latest book, The Green Manifesto, the message is that the time has come to deeply problematize the way we think and live, while at the same time forming a comprehensive social vision for the path to a greener future.

Svenulf Vogen

Geologist, consultant at Motvind Norge, 11 years experience in information work on wind energy and energy policy. Steering group leader on an investigative project on Norwegian energy policy entitled “Energy Policy in Nature’s Places – for the Better for Climate, People and Business”.

Peter Bjorkley

From Hammerfest, the cluster leader in energy in the North. Energi i Nord’s ambition is to create a “business cluster” in Northern Norway that contributes to the energy transition and value creation for businesses and societies in the North. Transforming the world’s energy production and energy consumption into decarbonized forms of energy is one of the most important preconditions for achieving the emissions reductions agreed upon in the Paris Agreement.

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