Donald Trump basically pleads guilty to tax crimes – sons make things worse

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New York attorney Donald Trump has accused the empire of tax crimes: the former president and his sons are malicious.

New York – Donald Trump wants to spit a big tone. It is known. And his sons? They are no different. However, the question arises again and again as to whether they even know what they are doing. Speaks your reaction volumes to the accusation against the family empire and its chief financial officer Alan Weiselberg.

At a rally in Sarasota, Florida on Saturday (July 3, 2021), there was nothing better for Donald Trump than to admit more or less tax crimes. “They will take action against good, hard working people because they will not pay tax on a company car. I don’t know, do you want to? Does anyone have an answer to that?”

Trump system fee: Donald Jr. pleads guilty to tax offenses

However, Donald Trump does not pay any taxes – or at least as much as possible is the most trivial thing in the world. It is now known that he did not pay any income tax for many years as the public prosecutor’s office gained insight into his tax documents. At one point, however, Donald Trump could not avoid going in his pocket. In 2016 and 2017, Trump, who always wanted to brag about his billions, actually had to pay $ 750 each to the state.

Donald Trump Jr. (links) and Eric Trump.

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What do Trump’s sons say about the allegations against Weiselberg and the family empire? They also do not care that it is better to remain silent in a criminal investigation case. After all, there is clear evidence that the Manhattan Attorney’s Office pursues far greater goals. Because all of Donald Trump’s children are in leading positions in the Trump system. Ivanka Trump once served as vice president – now held by Eric Trump. And Donald Trump Jr.. He is the group’s managing director.

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Eric Trump has no doubt about the guilt of the Trump system

Although Ivanka has been quiet so far, the two eldest sons have more or less admitted in various interviews that the charge is correct. In a 13-minute video he posted on Facebook, Donald Trump Jr. announced that his father had paid private school fees for Weiselberg’s grandchildren. “My father did it,” said Donald Jr., “Why not?” Because he’s only a “good guy”. Donald’s eldest son seems to completely ignore the fact that this is about allegations of tax crimes – hard to say, such as forgetfulness, ignorance or simply nonsense.

Then Eric Trump also spoke. Then he made things a little worse with his statements. He was very outspoken with the television station Fox News, basically no doubt about the Trump system’s guilt. First, Eric Trump criticized Manhattan’s attorney for “$ 3.5 million to eliminate a political opponent” instead of dealing with “widespread crime” in New York’s “disgusting” crimes: “This is as bad as a banana republic. This is horrible.”

Team Trump organization LLC.
Organization Federation and holding company
Sale 8 278 million (2021, Wall Street Journal)
Management Donald Trump Jr. (CEO)
Eric Trump (VP)
Alan Weiselberg (CFO)

Donald Trump Jr. comments on the charge – “it becomes a crime”

But then could not help him, but could not face the charges directly. Eric Trump denied the allegations and described the alleged kickbacks as nothing more than “offers”. However, this is where the danger lies: the Attorney General’s Office argues that the Trump organization compensated its CFO Weiselberg with these “concessions” in order to avoid taxes. However, how one can designate pay-related benefits is completely irrelevant. Eric Trump has basically fully confirmed the pro-government view.

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Der Guardian-Reporter Then Van Footman directed Eric Trump on Twitter And what he really did and said. “These things you admit are against the law. It becomes a crime. “(Christian Store)

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