Donald Trump: – – Corrupt as hell

Donald Trump: – – Corrupt as hell

During a private fundraiser Saturday night, former President Donald Trump made a number of harsh accusations against President Joe Biden.

The event took place behind closed doors at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

He goes there as he said NBC News Joe Biden's administration has been compared to the Gestapo, the state police of Nazi Germany during World War II.

The 77-year-old said this while talking about the legal issues related to the ongoing case against him.

The presidential candidate criticized the prosecuting authorities and their handling of the election fraud case. He apologized on behalf of 11 Arizona Republicans accused of signing false documents before Trump was declared the state's 2020 winner.

NBC has obtained access to audio clips from the event that will reveal what happened behind closed doors.

– These people are running a Gestapo administration, Trump said of Biden's office.

Opened to monitor pregnant women

– Biden is the worst president in the history of our country. He is disgustingly incompetent. He is corrupt as hell. He is a Manchurian candidate – he accepts large sums of money from China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. He is a gangster, he said, according to the American channel.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday will begin a trial on whether former President Donald Trump has immunity from criminal prosecution for influencing the election.
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He also indicated that he did not allow himself to be bothered too much by the allegations leveled against him. However, the 77-year-old admitted he was surprised to be sued.

– If you care too much, you can suffocate. And in a way, I don't care. That's life.

He also called U.S. Attorney Jack Smith, who is handling the two cases against Trump, “an evil thug” and “a nuisance.”

Hundreds of donors are said to have attended the event.

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