Donald Trump – Document: They knew it was a lie

Donald Trump - Document: They knew it was a lie

Two weeks after the presidential election that Trump lost to Joe Biden last year, Powell and Giuliani chaired a press conference.

concrete accusations

There they came up with several accusations of interfering in the elections. They talked about the influence of communist money in Venezuela, Cuba and perhaps China. Many other actors were also involved in participating in the plot to ensure that Trump was not re-elected as President of the United States.

Powell also claimed that “Dominion Voting Systems,” the company behind many advanced voting systems in major states, and “Smartmatic,” which was used in Los Angeles, were created by former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

Press conference: Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell were photographed at the much-talked-about press conference. Photo: NTB
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Financier George Soros is alleged to be one of the leaders behind Project Dominion, and Powell argued it was evidence of an attempt to steal the election from Trump.

documents reveal

Now docs like The New York Times I managed to get to the fact that Trump’s own campaign at the time had prepared a press release, in which they stated that Powell and Giuliani’s accusations were not true.

They also appear to have allowed the lawyers, however, to file their claims.

attacks: President Donald Trump launches a direct attack on George W. Bush after this speech. Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP, Evelyn Hochstein/Reuters
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It is unclear how many read the press release, and whether Trump himself has seen it.

Giuliani himself told the court that he had not seen the document before the press conference, the New York Times wrote.


The document emerged in connection with a defamation suit brought by Dominions President Eric Comer.

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The press release shows that the Trump campaign, at least internally, has stated that there is no evidence of conspiracies about Dominion. However, the Trump campaign has continued to allow its messengers to spread conspiracy theories, without showing their own investigation that these theories are false, Comer’s lawyers write, according to the New York Times.

Trump has long refused to admit defeat in elections. It didn’t happen until June, But then he repeated allegations of electoral fraud.

Powell and Giuliani also stuck to their allegations of election fraud.

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