June 6, 2023


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Donald Trump: - He gets acclaim from unexpected teams

Donald Trump: – He gets acclaim from unexpected teams

On Wednesday, former US President Donald Trump visited US podcaster and vaccine presenter Candice Owens on her Daily Wire show.

After calling vaccines “pure evil” and questioning their efficacy, Owens stood up and defended them.

– The vaccine works. Some people don’t take it. It’s the people who get very sick and end up in the hospital, the former president said, but that’s still their choice, and if you get the vaccine, you’re protected. independent.

Trump also added that he received three doses of the vaccine, and that all of them worked very well.

Booster Vaccines: Former US President Donald Trump is very positive about corona vaccines. Photo: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters/NTP
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– Not online

On Friday, Owens appeared on a new live broadcast, where she told what she thinks about Trump’s vaccine support.

There, she claimed that Trump’s support for vaccines comes from reading his news through the “mainstream media,” like most others.

– I’ve seen other old people with the same perspective. She said it feels like they come from pre-Internet time and believe in everything it has to offer.

Then another accusation was brought against him:

I don’t think Trump exists on the Internet, or that he necessarily uses it to find out things.

The best in years

He also praised the former president after the interview. Political commentator Christopher Michael Celisa wrote on CNN that These are the best statements Trump has made in years.

“Now it’s worth noting that Trump could have been a strong vaccine spokesperson a long time ago, but now he has at least some responsibility to Republicans who refuse to take the vaccine,” Celisa writes.

Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, also praised Trump on Twitter:

– I just want to reiterate to former President Trump about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. She cheers merry christmas, take a refreshing dose.

– destroy everything

The statements did not only temporarily create positive reactions. Radio host and former Trump supporter Alex Jones is very clear about his opinion on the issue.

– I’m done with it. Jones says he ruined everything for himself.

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